Tissue Family Reunion - Free Essay

Published: 2022-12-13
Tissue Family Reunion - Free Essay
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As the four tissue siblings take seats, each take turns to describe where they currently live, what they do and whom they work alongside. Epithelial tissue takes the microphone and makes its speech.

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Epithelial Tissue: I am the thin tissues that cover every exposed body surface. Hence, I form the digestive tract, the mouth's inner lining, external skin, and the secretory glands. Moreover, I form the lining of the hollow parts of everybody organ including the lungs, ears, eyes and the heart among others. My cells are closely bound together through specialized structures called the tight junctions. My cells are free from nerves and blood vessels. My primary function is to protect the various organs against radiation damage, abrasion, pathogen invasion, and chemical stress. When this tissue is composed of only one single layer of cells, I am referred to as simple epithelia. However, when containing two or more of these cell layers, they call me stratified epithelia.

Connective Tissue: I am the most abundant tissue, therefore, widely varied and widely distributed. As my name implies, my work is to connect tissues, hold organs in place, bind organs together, fill space in the body and sometimes cushion organs. Hence, I include cartilage, fat, fibrous tissues, blood, bone and bone marrow. Unlike my friend here the epithelial tissues, my cells are typically scattered throughout an extracellular matrix that is composed of glycoproteins and proteins attached to a basement membrane. Depending on my role, I can be categorized into loose connective tissue, dense connective tissue, and specialized connective tissue. One of my specialized tissues is the blood that keeps all of you alive by supplying you with nutrients.

Nervous Tissue: I am found along the nervous system. I am comprised of neuroglia and neurons cells. The basis of the nervous tissue is the neurons cells. These cells are responsible for the electrical signals that communicate produce movements in response to stimuli and also induce thought process within the brain. One of the important parts of the functions of the neurons can be witnessed in their shape or structure. The connection within the nervous system owes its success to the three-dimensional shape of the cells. To help the neurons in their communication functions are the glial cells in my tissue. For instance, these cells are responsible for reacting to contributing to the blood-brain barrier. Other roles of the neuroglia include supplying the neurons with nutrients and getting rid of pathogens such as viruses and dead cells. To ensure that electrical signals are not crossed, the glia forms the insulation between neutrons. Hence, I only have two types of nervous tissue- neurons and neuroglia.

Muscular Tissue: I am found almost everywhere across the body as long as there is a muscle there. I am the tissue that helps muscles to contract. Muscle tissue consists of fibers of muscle cells that are connected together in fibers and sheets. I give the muscles the ability to contract by applying force to other parts of the body. I can be activated to get to work by either outside signal or a nerve impulse from the brain. Muscle tissue includes cardiac muscle tissues, skeletal muscle tissues, and smooth muscle tissue. I feel like bragging that without me, the whole body would not be able to move from one point to the other nor would the heart be able to keep pumping blood.


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