Essay Sample on Thrombocytosis Differential Diagnosis

Published: 2022-11-08
Essay Sample on Thrombocytosis Differential Diagnosis
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Large proportions of thrombocytosis conditions are discovered in clinical scenarios and incidentally. Thrombocytosis has a broad differential diagnosis which at some instances can be challenging. Thrombocytosis is associated with a reactive process which develops due to a clonal disorder. The distinction is essential for identification of implication for prognosis, evaluation, and treatment (Putti et al., 2017). Clonal thrombocytosis is attributed to myeloproliferative neoplasms which carry a prognostic profile which has a high risk of thrombosis. There are clinical trials that target therapies are however ongoing.

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The clinical significance of thrombocytosis threshold varies with different patients. For example, a study evaluating patients discovered a platelet count to be greater than 409 X 109 for women and 381 X 109 for men of for the study population. In the cohort study, 0.99% of the patients' platelets count was greater than 400 X 109 per liter during the first measurement. Only 0.12% of the patients exhibited persistent thrombocytosis after re-evaluation, therefore, re-evaluation is essential for persistence of thrombocytosis (Imran et al., 2017). Thrombocytosis has many potential etiologies, and therefore it requires consideration and attention on patient's comorbid conditions, history, past platelet counts, and hematologic parameters. Generally, thrombocytosis causes can be reactive, clonal or spurious.

In spurious thrombocytosis, there are non-platelet structures in the blood. These non-platelet structures include; bacteria, cryoglobulin crystals, and leukemic cells. A smear evaluation on peripheral blood is used to confirm the diagnosis of thrombocytosis. The smear evaluation review confirms thrombocytosis diagnosis, and then a diagnostic assessment is used to determine the nature of the process (Shi et al., 2017) A physical and historical examination allows for the exclusion of the common reactive thrombocytosis causes. However, a potential reactive thrombocytosis cause does not eliminate a concomitant process for persistent thrombocytosis. When reactive thrombocytosis has been excluded, diagnosis distinguishes the different causes of clonal thrombocytosis. Clonal processes such as myeloproliferative neoplasm and primary myelofibrosis are commonly associated with thrombocytosis.


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