Free Essay with a Speech Analysis: Obama Presidential Candidacy Announcement

Published: 2019-09-09
Free Essay with a Speech Analysis: Obama Presidential Candidacy Announcement
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Who would ever think that there would ever be a black president in the United States? As much as Martin Luther King had a vision for someone like that, it was not expected that Barack Obama would be the president of the United States of America. Born of a Kenyan father the chance were even slimmer. However, the eloquent, composed, intelligent and charming young man took the stage on the 10th February 2007 and delivered a speech that arguably changed the voters perspective of him and decided to vote for him as the first black president of America. This statement analysis will focus on Official Announcement of Candidacy for the United States Presidency speech given by Barack Obama.

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Every country has an election process. Elections are important because they allow the citizens to vote democratically for the people or person to rule, lead and guide them through their country activities including economics, politics, and social issues. The United States of America is known for its free stand and every election period sees intensive competition from different candidates. In this speech, the main problem was elections and not only elections, but there was an opportunity for a new president to take over after the term of the former president was over. Barack Obama had the intentions of vying for the top seat and to be successful in this challenging almost impossible task he had to persuade the voters and get recognition too.

The speech focused on showing the capability that the people of America had, the cause of their problems and the solution to the problems. The biggest issue in the speech was the building of a new America. People in America face several challenges, All of us know what those challenges are today: a war with no end, dependence on oil that threatens our future, schools where too many children aren't learning, and families struggling paycheck to paycheck despite working as hard as they can. We know the challenges. We've heard them. We've talked about them for years (Barack Obama 300+ Speeches - Transcripts, Audio, Video). In his speech, Barack Obama clearly stated what he had seen in other states that the problems were local. Barack mentioned that there could be tough times, but the people of America have always come back from difficult times. In his speech, Barack Obama emphasized the importance of the new and young generation of ensuring that the country gets back on track.

Barack Obama in his speech went on to mention the reason why the people of America cannot meet the mentioned challenges. The solution to these problems as given in the statement includes having sound policies and sensible plans. Poor leadership is also a contributing factor and for that then there must be leadership that can take authority and make tough decisions, get rid of small politics and help in building a working consensus that can tackle the bigger problems in America. Some of the examples of poor leadership and fear of making tough decisions include the emphasis by the previous leadership that mounting debts didn't matter when they did. The second issue is in healthcare where the rising healthcare cost was brushed aside when indeed it was a big issue to the America people.

As the speech concludes, Barack Obama focuses on motivating the audience he says that all is not lost because there has been progressing made. He continues to ask the audience to pick themselves up and begin working on improving the lives of American. Americans should be working towards beating their challenges and building a new America. The speech then shifts focus on the things that have affected America like the war in Iraq which Barack believes it was a big mistake. The speech is about persuading all Americans to participate in ensuring that poverty is no longer a problem in America. The speech is about convincing Americans to ensure that the healthcare crisis comes to an end. The speech is about convincing the voters to take part in the campaign for Obama to be the next president. Most importantly the speech is about letting the audience know that Barack Obama is in the race for the presidency and that he needs the audience votes.

In conclusion, the speech serves the purpose of persuading the audience to vote for a specific candidate. It is well organized with the most important points being well explained through composure and clarity. The one noticeable thing about the speech is the way the audience are involved. The fans are regularly referred to and all the problems and solutions mentioned are connected to them directly. The expression achieves its aim because it does not only talk about things that affect the audience but also gives a clear solution to the problems. The solutions in the speech give the audience the belief that the statement is honest, and the person delivering the speech has a plan. It is for the said speech that Barack Obama later became the first president of the United States of America.

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