Essay Sample on Thoughts on Organizational Change

Published: 2024-01-28
Essay Sample on Thoughts on Organizational Change
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Organizational change is defined as a change that is experienced in an organization’s working environment. It involves a change in the roles of employees and the structural relationship (Dawson, 2002). An organization must adapt to the change in its operating environment; otherwise, it will either be swept away or be left behind. When the plans are being implemented in an organization, problems usually arise, making the implementation of a plan difficult or impossible to achieve. This makes the change process evolve as organizations are operating in a business environment that keeps changing.

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Right skills are necessary for everyone to be an agent of change. These skills include flexibility, focus, knowledge, responsibility, and good listening skills (Hornstein, 2015). I would enhance my flexibility by being open to changes that need to be implemented in an organization, thus enabling me to connect with people from different backgrounds and generations to understand their personalities, perspectives, and experiences. I will ensure that the overall business goal is tied to a specific focus to deliver what is required of me. I should have a clear picture and streamlined decision-making about the organization's expectations. I will develop good listening skills by attending seminar and workshops which offer training on communication skills. Good listening skills will enable me to communicate with the members of the organization more effectively. I will improve my knowledge about organizational change by reading a business journal that was recently published. I will ensure my responsibility is improved by ensuring that the work assigned to me is finished in time and delivering the best of my ability.

New changes that will influence the need for change in the organization in Saudi Arabia include technology, training, and government policies. With the emergence of new technologies, the organization should adopt it to remain competitive. New technology will enable the organization to reduce the cost of production to maximize profit. Training within an organization will ensure that all the employees have the knowledge and skills to perform the assigned tasks, which is why it is necessary to implement in an organization. Government policies in Saudi Arabia keep on changing due to situations like a pandemic. It includes tax changes during the COVID-19 pandemic where the refunds to taxpayers were suspended and could influence the change in an organization.

The change tools that will still work in Saudi Arabia include flowcharts, stakeholder analysis, and culture mapping (Hughes, 2007). Flowcharts will provide a visualization of processes that different member of an organization needs to be carried, ensuring changes can be made easily. Stakeholder analysis will ensure that stakeholders in an organization are identified and categorized correctly based on occupation, income groups, and geographical location. Culture mapping will ensure a clear map of the company culture as it influences its behavior, norms, and values. These tools are still useful because it provides a visual impression and can be used as a reference in the future.

Changes in these change tools will eventually impact the need for change within the organization in Saudi Arabia. People will take a longer time to adapt to the new tools that are new to them in an organization. In Saudi Arabia, the future organization will need to change how to adapt to change quickly to enable them to compete favorably.

In conclusion, organizations in Saudi Arabia should consider adapting to the modern organizational changes, which are necessary to make sure that they are successful at cost because delaying it will translate to loss. Employees should be trained, provided with the culture map, and have flowcharts to relate to have a greater understanding of the organization.


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