Free Essay with the Video Analysis: This Is Water by David Foster Wallace

Published: 2017-11-13
Free Essay with the Video Analysis: This Is Water by David Foster Wallace
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This Is Water by David Foster Wallace Summary

The video of David Foster Wallace on This Is Water had a unique approach of sending an important message. In his speech, he said that human beings have the tendency of considering themselves as the center of the universe (Wallace 2). Furthermore, people usually think about themselves first. We do not consider what the other individuals might be going through. This issue is evident in our daily lives. For instance, we do not consider the fact that the poor might have slept hungry or without shelter. Putting others in our shoes can help human beings think of other before they think of themselves.

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This Is Water by David Foster Analysis

Wallace also makes an important point that being educated is more than just knowing things because it builds the character of an individual (Wallace 3). Being educated gives one the chance of interacting with other people and understanding their reactions on certain issues. In his speech, he said that humans tend to think that their ideas are superior to that of other people. Thus, we choose not to listen to other people’s ideas. He also said that after we stopped thinking that we are the foremost importance, then we will notice the beauty of individuals around us.

The speech of Wallace has a lot of significance on human life. The speech is significant because it tends to encourage people to stop thinking about themselves, rather they should also think about other people. Interacting with other individuals create a healthy relationship with the people in our society. Furthermore, as human beings, we should appreciate the ideas of other people and stop considering ourselves as the center of the universe. Practicing the things in Wallace’s speech will help us create a sound environment for everyone in the society.

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