My Interest in the Advance Counseling Program, Application Essay Sample

Published: 2019-05-23
My Interest in the Advance Counseling Program, Application Essay Sample
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Many individuals find a career in counseling very rewarding. Counselors have the chance to assist people improve their lives in several ways. While they may be difficult due to challenging situations, I find it encouraging helping others work through their problems that could interfere with the normal life. A career in counseling provides people with courage to assist and brings a sense of fulfillment as one watches people make progress in life due to their assistance. Therefore, this program has been beneficial to me as it has changed my perspective positively as a counselor.

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Masters in Counseling degree has been of great benefit to me since it has exposed me to a certain situation that has influenced my current position as a counseling professional. Although my initial position was to be a mental health professional, I have realized that through this course that marriage cases have been very many hence this field require several individual as counselors. Due to that effect, my position has shifted from mental counselor to marriage and family behavior counselor. The reason behind it is that I have realized that mental problem in most cases may be initiated by certain diseases while family issue have been propagated by several differences in the families that need proper advice. As such, this course has enabled me know matters that need more counseling than others. Additionally, I have understood the importance and the effect of any advice given out as a counselor. Since the patient or the victims rely profusely on our pieces of advice, everything we handle must be taken seriously and professionally since misleading information can spoil ones life.

Since I plan to work with the married and people in relationships, I need perfect approaching skills due to the fact that some will be older than me and may assume that they are more experienced than I am. Good communication and approach skills will enable me convince even people who are older than me. By convincing them, they will take my advice that in turn will assist them in their personal life. Additionally, I need to know all matters that relate to the marriage issues. The fact that I am planning to major on marriage and relationship counseling, all the problems and solutions in that field should be at my fingertips. I should also provide appropriate support to member's family, including an elucidation of treatment, directions in how to support interventions and treatments to improve acceptance of and adherence to the treatments.

This certificate will enable me change from other aspects of counseling to that of family and relationship issues. Due to the rising cases of family, marriage, and relationship issues, there is a need to focus on such areas to bring back sanity in the community set up. While other fields such as mental counseling may also depend on drugs, the differences in the families solely depend on understanding that needs counseling and proper advice. As such, being a licensed professional counselor will give me an authority to handle such matters on a broad perspective. LPC is imperative since it assist families groups, couples, and individuals struggling with several types of problems. Among the issues, they address include material abuse, behavioral problems, chronic pain, and emotional disorders.

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