Essay Sample on Dangers of the Absolute Power According to Orwell

Published: 2023-03-22
Essay Sample on Dangers of the Absolute Power According to Orwell
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Absolute power is a kind of ruling that can directly be linked to the monarchical type of government. With this system, the monarch or the leader has complete authority over the subjects and exercises full control of all the operations without being questioned regardless of the outcome. George Orwell in the year 1984, clearly included the aspect of working-class oppression and sounded an alarm that, without the rectification of the stated problem, gives a leader full control over the subjects which leads to acts of oppression, then the future generation and decades must struggle experience difficulties of shaping up the nation in the required orientation (Orwell). The primary aim of doing this study is to effectively understand and list some of the dangers of absolute power or the monarchical system, of government linked to the modern society of the current generation or decade in comparison to what existed before in the 20th century when Orwell foresaw the tragedy.

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John Emerich Edward once quoted one of the most vital phrases of all time that, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely (Baron). The author of the novel in the year 1984, meant that the moment had possessed much power over the other, the chances r possibilities that the leader will utilize the power corruptly on the citizens maximizing in his/her well. This is a clear reflection of whatever is concurrently happening in most of the states and nations in the world today. Orwell, in his book, ascertains this fact, and many illustrations are highlighted one after another when reading through the novel.

For instance, in normal, there is a farm consisting of many animals that reside together. In this context, the animals are used as real humans, and in extension, there are the two major animals that have the power and authority over the others to exercise full control throughout the novel. Napoleon and snowball are the ones holding topmost positions, and the levels of power are ranked from the highest respect. In the entire book, the two pigs use their power to achieve more power corruptly and eventually have more authoritative controls (Orwell).

This is a true reflection of whatever happens is most nations today. Countries such as the United States of America, where the president with the topmost mandate, is elected by the house of the senate and not the citizens. Although there is one man one vote system, the results never determine who is worth ascending in power. Instead, the votes from the senate tell it all. This has been a continuous problem in the state and has resulted in several cases of rebellion just as it is observed in the novel of Orwell, when the Old major, turns out to be corrupt and too uncompetitive. Most leaders, after they have been given the authority, begin to rule in their favor, consideration of the other party who is the subject (Orwell and Heath.). The initiation to design the American-china wall was hugely opposed; nevertheless, the president exercised power to build the wall finally. This would bar even businessmen and other immigrants from getting into the country for their self-benefit.

In continuation of the novel, Orwell states narrates that after the rebellion of other communists, who succeed to impeach Old Major, had turned against everyone to be the most corrupt leader of all time in the stare, Napoleon, Snowball And Squealer also ascended into power as the most revolutionists of the country who had previously fought so hard to ensure that the impeachment took place and the corrupted leader was no more (Orwell and Heath.). Conversely, the expectations of the animals are extremely satisfied within the first year of ruling by the three leaders. During this time, they delivered services such as training sessions to the animals, on the best farming methods and ascertained that maximum output is harvested from the crops.

Henceforth, the mutual coordination and agreement that existed before were no more between Snowball and Napoleon. For instance, Napoleon planned to build a windmill to help the firm and even increase the output for the farmers. However, the plan does not go well, as Napoleon whose role can be designated to the current chief executive officers of the organizations, tends to disagree with the plan, claiming that he is the one with the most power, and have the audacity to plan and preside over all the activities. This is an abuse of power because he is using excess supremacy to limit the other citizens from their variety of freedom rights.

Again, the fact observed above is a current situation problem that has stroked not just a country, nor two, nor three but several across the continents. Most leaders need not be corrected even when they make the slightest uncommon mistakes. As most of the nations also claim to have got their democratic societies like the democratic republic of Korea and the democratic republic of Congo, the citizens in these countries experience the toughest difficulties in having access to the government resources that theoretically, they should be enjoying. Many leaders have ended up withdrawing jobs from their deputies and other leaders with small ranks, especially if one cannot coordinate with the commands that he/she gives as the leader. It is, therefore, a true reflection in the societies of today, Orwell's quotes and thoughts have come to pass. These problems need to be diagnosed before the effects grow tremendously to the next generation, just as George Orwell quotes it that if the issues of languages which denote the ethnic identification and characterization of individuals cannot cease, then the world could be heading into a more disastrous globe, where the difference between oppression and leadership integrity more or less corresponds to the same thing (Orwell and Heath.).

Besides, there is continuous suppression of the working class in the firm by the animal leaders. This symbolizes that, during this time, success and worthy life was never proportional to the level of hard work as it was before in the earlier decades before 1984. The phrase can be proved by the fact that napoleon even oppresses those farmers who are employing the use of their knowledge to earn a living for themselves. The problem is still on to the modern decade, as the leaders keep on increasing taxes on the businesses and other economical operations of the working class in society today, in the name of developing a nation, only to squander the money, because the entire decision process lies on the palm of their hands.

Conclusion and Recommendation

It is recommendable for the benefit of future developed and stable nations, that power should be propagated amongst many individuals, for a county, organization or any higher institution that needs leaders for overseeing the day-day activities. Upon the implementation of this system of ruling, monarchial like the type of governments will be wiped away, and the citizens will be free to enjoy their freedom and get a substantial amount of aiding resources without language limitation or any other kind of oppression as depicted by George Orwell, in his novel of 1984.

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