Free Essay: The Prospective Morning Meditation

Published: 2022-03-14
Free Essay: The Prospective Morning Meditation
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Each day I spent about ten minutes doing the exercises for the whole week, time that I created immediately after waking up.

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Day 1: This was the first day starting my whole week session and so what I did was taking a chair and ensuring that am comfortable, closed my eyes and relaxed.

Day 2: Took a simple walk and enjoyed the rising sun while meditating on developing myself as a human being.

Day 3: performed light exercises that were based on my body weight and this was a design to help me get up and go ready for the day.

Day 4: I know the mind is still quiet when I wake up; so on this day, I just decided to lay down keep a profound silence to restore and nourish my body, mind, and spirit.

Day 5: Involved me in a premeditation act

Day 6: In a five-minute silence closing my eyes, tried to figure out what is it that I miss that lead me to do something poorly or to neglect.

Day 7: Tried out the ideas of the meditation for the whole week using conscious logic.

The Retrospective Evening Meditation

Day 1: Reviewed the people I met and spoke to and what impact they had on me

Day 2: Reviewed the sequence of the tasks I performed

Day 3: Involved myself in a question session such what mistakes I did and what I achieved over the day

Day 4: Tried to find out what is it that I have not been doing and should be done

Day 5: Involved in a session of trying to determine and evaluate which are my fears in undertaking most of my daily routines

Day 6: Considered how things I did poorly or neglected, it could have been done differently and also praised myself for all that I did well

Day 7: Asked myself questions such as, "In what sense am I better?" having considered all the activities of the week to maintain my inspiration.

Cumulative effects

Before I could often wake up in the middle of the night, I would get anxious, worried and couldn't fall asleep again. After the daily exercises, I became much calmer and can even fall asleep for seven hours straight. Despite the difficulty in maintaining a routine practice of the activities for a whole week, I considered the experience to be calming. What I loved best is how meditation can make one more productive during the day. Through meditation, I felt that my brain had positively changed with ease of responding to stress. The power practice enabled ease depression and anxiety ready for the daily activities. The experience on the prospective morning meditation was so productive such that on a regular basis I was so prepared to handle whatever the day brings, it was stress-free to respond to pressure, and developing my circle of influence. Evening meditation enabled to note the things that I did poorly to organize for the next day and the whole of the week if the same situation occurred. The experiences also empowered me to discover the fears and desires that controlled me towards not achieving my best and the whole process never concluded without self-admiration for whatever that I sort out well. The exercises strengthened and internalized my intellectual understanding of stoic precepts becoming more prepared to meet a range of misfortunes whether minor irritations or severe adversities. I learned that meditating has a powerful effect both on individual's health and what one aims at creating in their life.

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