Free Essay on Family Support

Published: 2018-10-29
Free Essay on Family Support
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The function of parents in most cultures

Most cultures across the world regard caregiving roles and responsibilities to be the function of parents. However, when the child grows older, and the parent's ability to sustain the caregiving responsibilities diminishes, the cultures attribute the role to the children who are now adults. This paper will focus on highlighting how cultural factors around caregiving affect the responsibilities and tasks regarding the one in charge of providing care for the family in times of need. On the other hand, the paper will highlight the factors that make the Spiro family optimistic even at the verge of challenging circumstances.

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In the case, Elizabeth D Hutchison presents the life of the Spiro family which is entangled in successive periods of challenges that present both economic and psychological problems. The family is assisted by the social worker to cope in a different environment in the United States where they are unable to adjust. In the case study, Viktor Spiro is taken through the mental health services where he finds stability in his life (Hutchison, 2014). The family manages to preserve optimism at the center of the problems befitting them through the help of the social worker who links them to the external word and their ability to maintain family affection, resolve, and strength. According to the theory of generativity by Erick Erickson, the mid adults are highly involved in creative, productive and generation of new ideas in life. Therefore, this is the reason why Victor recognizes his past traumatic events such as the tractor accident and the death of his older brother and creates a way forward to avoid his suicidal thoughts and bothering his parents since he is now supposed to care for them. Furthermore, Viktor’s age makes him try to find a balance in his life so that he achieves stability. He tries to make a balance between extroversion and introversion so that he focuses on work and providing support to the family.


Hutchison, E. (2014). Dimensions of Human Behavior (1st ed.). Thousand Oaks: SAGE Publications.

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