Review of Economic Report of President FY 2017, Free Essay Sample

Published: 2022-03-09
Review of Economic Report of President FY 2017, Free Essay Sample
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Economic reports of the president FY of 2017 contain a summary of the economic conditions of all the Federal Reserves in the United States of America. The report assists in the determination and measuring of the economic capability of the United States of America. As an economic superpower, the United States of America reviews the various economic decisions and activities in the country and foreign states to assist in the resolution of the economic factors affecting the economy. The economic report of the president FY 2017 reflects the United States priorities of empowering the different regions in the country that can transform the communities into globally competitive regions and improve the quality of living of the locals.

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What does the economics report of the president say about us? Economy?

The report illustrates the ability of the United States of America to take hold. Despite many local communities still economically beset, the report indicates the job growth and GDP levels at the pre-recession points (Bliss et al., 2017). The report focuses on the bottom of economic policies and regional economic environments. Moreover, the report centers on the growth of the regional economic assets such as higher learning institutions, supply chains, infrastructure, and technology.

The report also eludes the ability of the United States of America to build a long-term sustainable economic growth. It highlights the need to collaborate with local communities to attain economic growth. According to the report, catalyzing private investment and leveraging the resources, aids in the attainment of the global competitive advantage.

The report highlights the aptitude of the United States of America to focus on the local economic development exclusively. The report postulates the ability of the United States to maintain its position as the world economic giant and satisfy the economic interest of all the local communities. The FY 2017 economic reports stipulate the tremendous success of the United States in providing vital links between high-tech and distressed communities by funding the infrastructural telecommunication projects. It highlights the capability of the United States to bridge the technology gaps between the communities. The United States economy promotes national strategic goals.

According to the report, the United States economy supports both the underserved and distressed communities. It backs regions experiencing economic decline and distress and facing economic diversification barriers. It also fosters global competition. The public works support foreign investments and exports required to expand many regions. It guarantees lasting economic development. According to the report, the United States economy promotes economic growth by fostering commercialization and market development (Levent et al., 2017). The report highlights the ability of the United States to provide comprehensive local and market-based planning activities that lead to essential economic development. It is true, according to the report that the economic capability of the United States assists in the growth and progress of both the foreign and local communities. The United States of America is also capable of expanding and investing in both the high-tech and distressed communities.

How have you been impacted by the economic conditions of the US in the past few years?

I have learned about the economic adjustment assistance projects conducted by the United States of America. I realized the adjustment assistance projects helps the local communities implement and design strategies that improve the economic development of the counties. The economic conditions of the past few years' aid in acquiring useful economic decision skills. Also, helps in learning the various ways used in the solution of the economic challenges. The economic conditions assist in developing critical and creative skills required to attain economic growth and sustainability. Analyzing the various strategies used by the United States to achieve economic sustainability. The economic strategies that spearhead economic recovery in regions affected by natural disasters, assist in restructuring and diversifying the critical economic decisions in life (Antman et al., 2017). The strategies also help in regulating and operating community projects. More so, the skills help in initiating different technology and economic projects that not only improve the living standards of the local communities but also boosts the economic growth of the country. The economic conditions assist in acquiring skills to achieve personal growth and development.

Were you impacted by the federal government shutdown on October 1, 2013?

Experiencing funding gaps during a financial year result in the shutdown of the agencies affecting the quality of living and provision of necessary services in the country. According to Antideficiency Act, every agency must cease operation. Closures also occur because of the failure to achieve the full year budget appropriations. The 2013 government agencies' shut down commenced on the first day of the fiscal year 2014. The halt, mainly affected the federal employees and officials. It also had an impact on the provision of services by the government agencies to the public and the government operations. Effects on public services and government led to an alteration in my life. I was not able to go to work for almost two weeks. The negative impact on public services resulted from the agency's shutdown affects the life of every citizen. Every citizen has a right to full access to public services. The absence of such services damages the quality of life.


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