Essay Sample on The Procurement Process

Published: 2023-07-10
Essay Sample on The Procurement Process
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Conflicts are predominant in daily activities, and when an individual is a project manager, and then you are posed to battles, especially when more resources are required a conflict with relevant stakeholders arises during project implementation. Controlling project procurement is very important as it involves monitoring of the contract performance, making any necessary changes of the project, as well as evaluating the quality of the work executed (Mikkelsen, 2018). The significance of controlling procurements arises as it ensures that seller and buyer performance meets the required procurements as per agreed terms. It entails a variety of inputs, techniques as well as output for the project to come into completion. Through control procurements, contractual obligations are met, and I ensure that the project management team is well-informed about the implications of the actions undertaken during the procurement process (Zhu, Bard & Yu, 2018).

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Also, agreements can be changed at any given time during the project implementation phase but should not influence contractual terms (Mascia, 2019). Bill seems to be at fault since he clearly understood the Issue through the mail conversation, yet there is a disconnect. The communication problem is evident here regarding the Issue of more resources for the project as Alex has been accused of taking more resources from Bill Bordeaux's staff.

Project Performance Report

Analysis of Past Performance. Project Y has been successful today as all the project members are doing their tasks, and some objectives have been met. The team has significantly accomplished the planning and design stages, and it's within the schedule

Current Issues and Risks. Various issues have been identified and resolved by the team members and had no impact on the scope of the project.

Achievements. Developing the tool has been achieved and hence looking forward to the testing phase.

During the last reporting period, the members did well and will extend the working hours to ensure that the project comes to an end.


Project changes are predominant, especially regarding more resources, and it possesses a conflict with relevant stakeholders. Clear communication must be ensured as well as control and monitoring of the procurement process to prevent the occurrence of disputes. For project implementation to be efficient disruptions must be prevented in any stage to create a conducive environment for the execution of work.


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