Business Essay Sample: Application for a Loan of USD 1 000 000

Published: 2019-05-14 21:28:39
Business Essay Sample: Application for a Loan of USD 1 000 000
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Prospective Baby Home Company LTD hereby presents a business plan for your evaluation and eventual consideration of your investment options. We are thrilled by your bank's investment performance and more so by its undisputed record in incubating infant companies to the front. We choose your bank, with honest intentions to do business with you.

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We are a bunch of promoters named in the Principle Owners later in this business plan, to a prospective company seeking a single full project financier, or a group of financiers.

The business idea is locust, well analyzed, with calculated 80% Chances to succeed, as per our advisors, the high chances of success guaranteed by the business prospective situation to tri railway, it special products, it planned extensive marketing, the business expected rate of return when fully financed as per the business proposal, with expected capacity utilization of 75% is 28%.

We are borrowing USD 1,000,000, as at June 2015. We invest all that fund into the project, especially the purchase of heavy equipment and other assets, the company will be of net worth of USD 2,000,000, and the loan will derive its collateral from the asset base. The expected interest rate is 8% p.a. we look forward to repay in 5 years, with equal annual payments.

We have conducted professionally monitored and with independence we have the necessary supportive document to show that the availed information is reliable and has professional soundness.

This prospective company through it promoters are ready and available to provide further insight and information to your bank.

We look forward for your respond and precisely constructive business interactions with your office.

Yours sincerely

Miss. Tiffany Tudors

Tiffany Tudors

Company Secretary


Loan Request from Financiers

Section 1

Description of the Business


Owners and Credentials


Location Products and Services

Business Advisors


Section 2 - Business Operations

Business Hours

Equipment and Processes

Section 3 - Marketing



Pricing Policies

Advertising Strategy

Section 4 - Financial Data

Basic Assumptions

Start Up Expense

Profit and Loss (3 years)

Section 5 - Supporting Documents

References of the research conducted

Section 1



Baby home company Ltd is a prospective private company, the promoters are Dr. Jonathan Smith- acting chair, principle owner-Miss. Tiffany Tudors- company secretary, Eng. Geneon Bobby- director , it prospective registered office address is 124332,Miami. Our main objective is to provide 24 hours baby daycare services to Miami City and its environs. We have segments for the baby ages under different attendant, we offer multilingual attendance services.

We have a new service line in the business of baby care in many new dimensions. We will be the standalone company offering super pure professional baby care services with the whole staff composed of graduates from the relevant designated fields. We are the strategically situation advantage, were we are enjoying convenience of central location; we have a sound rich hinterland. We are accessible by train, courtesy of the south Miami, tri railway. We are equally accessible by road, which has been not among the ones with heavy traffic.

The company is under the care of professionals of child development, successful entrepreneurs, balanced, sound and experience management team of directors.

The company will be 50% leverage, which will be reducing annualy; on the fifth year the company will be at liberty to restructure its capital structure. The company anticipated rate of return is 28%.


We are an assembly investors and professionals in the child development, we are basically a company owned and run by child development professional in conjunction with other named investors.

The following is a list of Directors/owners:

A PhD. In early child development.

Name Marital Status Education Business Experience

Tiffany Tudors Single PhD. In early child development- Yale University She owns and runs Tiffany child psychology Consultancy.

Dr. Jonathan Smith Married Bachelor degree in Family Law-residential Advocate Practicing Advocate in family law and an Entrepreneur

Mr. Peter Carter Divorced Executive Masters degree-New York university A corporate banker at Barclays Bank of Nigeria

Alexis McMichael Single Undergraduate degree in childhood development- university of Michigan. Official Advisor to Miami township office of Gender and children.

Eng. Geneon Bobby Married A civil engineer graduate-Harvard School of Engineering Two term director at the Debbery construction co. ltd, and a successful investor.


To provide 24hours child care services, with multilingual attendance in Miami. We will never close, all time is business time, for those who hire the babysitter services, we provide a 40% cheaper package, as if that is not enough you baby is in safe professional hands, we drop the clients baby to the designate person anytime any place within the town. Our services put an end to the mischievous babysitter culture witnessed over decades. We as well Miami the first pure professional baby care. We are at your service, 24/7. We pick and deliver babies from the clients place of convenience. We are creating jobs to the graduates in the relevant fields, from administration, psychology, child development, education, cleaning agencies, catering, hospitality, nurse, drivers and security agencies.


We are the purely professionally run and established 24/7 baby care facility, offering preliminary essential child development environment, convenient picking and delivery of the clients baby to designated agreed places, with Miami City, at a customers friendly fee.


We will be located, in southeast of Miami, 64th avenue adjacent to Sandwich King 6791 miller DR. Miami, FL 33155, united States. Parking is ample. We shall provide full time security services. We will also be accessible by train, the tri railway.


We will offer variety, quality, and convenient, unique, lean, specially customized services to the south Miami. The service packages are of their own kind. We will be honored to introduce such a line of service to the people of south Miami. Our service packages are suitably priced differently since they have different features. The client will have an option of choosing the package that their kids will enjoy according to their personal capability and reasons. The variety is designed with a good intention to allow positive diversity and people of different capabilities. Each package service is on a different floor, therefore there will be minimum collision or brushing of different classes, which make it appear as if the facility services are offered from different locality as it is normal in our temporary society set up.

The booking of the services is clearly captured on the website portals and clients have to create profiles before they can get to choose the product packages:

Our service packages are:

Our services:

Product name Cost per hour features

King baby package USD 15 -transport within the town

-piano lessons.

-swimming lessons.

-basic education orientation.

-zoo ticket

-allocated at super playhouse.

- super child meal.

Prince baby package USD 10 No transport

Piano lessons

Swimming lessons

Allocated to modern playhouse.

No zoo tickets

Modern baby meals

Queen baby package USD 7 No transport

Swimming lessons

Allocated to modern playhouse.

No zoo tickets.

Modern meals.


This company is based on professionalism, integrity, among other fundamental core values. All the pro formal statements, speculations, statements have derived their criticality, credential, validity, their clarity and accuracy of figures, from the professional opinion of various professional of which are listed below. J.K Alex conducted the market feasibility, operational feasibility, cost feasibility, legal feasibility of our prospective company and captured all that in his work sheets which were summarized into percentage which are used in our proposal contents, reference to his worksheets and the statement of professional opinion.

The financial analyses are availed courtesy of the professional advice and service of Henry Candace, he is a 31 year experienced corporate banker, and he has undisputed record of accuracy and empirically sound financial analysis. The financial analysis worksheets are in the custody of the board of directors and copies are available for free to lenders, legal proceedings, and owners and office of registration of companies, Miami Florida.

For purposes of accuracy we had another independent financial analyst conduct the financial prospective of our company, we hired Mrs. Victoria Helen, an independent finance consultancy firm located in the designated locality of south East of Miami, Florida. Both financial analyst were converged a meeting with the board of directors to deriver and present their report. There was substantial correlation from the independent reports presented. The reports we good news to the board of directors since they both secured over 70% chances of the company to be financially a sound investment option, with a very high average rate of return of about 28%, which is both the average company return in Miami which is 18%.

Name Occupation Firm/company

J.K Alex Auditor J.K and Associates Auditing Firm- Miami

Henry Candace Corporate Banker Banker-Canada

Mrs. Victoria Helen Chief Finance Office C & D Bank

Section 2


Business hours

Our business hours are 24/7, throughout the year as from the date the company will be launched. Clients book online for the services as well as real time, walk in. the clients registers and constructs an online profile, every time the client requires our services he logs in into his profile, make a booking, pay online. We also have an android application to be available on Google play and windows app shop for the same booking and contact with the client.

Our capacity is deemed to be improved to manage client congestion such that the quality of our services is not compromised. Clients will be grouped and assigned an attendant, activities will be shuffled reasonably enough as a tool to manage congestion of customers.


This baby care facility is unique and highly customized to the desires of the clients value. The facility has a special need for special equipment and processes. We hereby hire the services of special line experts to tailor the identified equipment to the listed specifications and function ability, however some other equipment are standard, which will be purchased from the best bidder. We have to install baby care environ facilities, we will have for the first order the following:

Seven complete baby playing house kits-purchased

Open play ground playing full kits-new

Seven Super modern piano-purchased

Swimming costumes-new

Baby swimming pools facilities-new

Office furniture- purchased

Computers and rooters- new

Football pitch facilities-new

Other games accessories- purchased;

Modern kitchen accessories

Two minivans- used

Office accessories-purchased

Swimming pool- sta...

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