Application Essay Example: Why I Want to Be a Family Nurse Practitioner

Published: 2022-09-28
Application Essay Example: Why I Want to Be a Family Nurse Practitioner
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"The more we care for the happiness of others, the greater our own sense of well-being becomes," these are the wise words of the Dalai Lama. Life as we know it is the divine and precious thing that ought to be preserved and maintained in any way possible. As with other valuables, life has various challenges to its existence. However, exposure and risks of diseases or various injuries make it hard to enjoy life. First and foremost, the career of the family nurse practitioner will greatly fulfill my obligations. Interactions with the patients in the past have set me up fully and better in the field of medicine. Having heard stories and the daily lives of many patients, I have vastly become acquainted with the environment of patients and also attained the trait of understanding. Even having performed the role of a physician I have come to realize that Family nurse practitioner will expose me to newer environments and also create a wider field of service to both the patients and me. It will get me closer to being a doctor without significantly being one.

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Being a family nurse practitioner will put me in the forefront of preserving and maintaining the life that has been granted to us by God. Over the eighteen years, I have served as a physician I have had the privilege of healing and even saving lives. However, I still feel that I have not fully exploited my potential in the field. As a family nurse practitioner, I will have the platform to conserve life without any hindrance. I will be able to perform more duties that a normal nurse cannot do, and this will diversify my ability as a medical practitioner. Human beings are fragile beings and have a high risk of getting injured, as such I would love to have that opportunity to mend what God created. The career will put me in a position that understands the scopes of various medical conditions and also be able to solve them. They say eyes are the windows to the soul of any human being, through interactions and medical procedures I will be able to provide many people hope and closure with regards to the medical field.

My medical experience in the role of a physician has already set me up to the task required from the Family nurse practitioners. Interactions with the medical bodies and also the patients have managed to alter my thinking of the practitioners and also I have grown mentally with regards to the medical sector. Although one may feel that the physician oversees the Family nurse practitioner, it is important to fully understand that there is a more to being more than just an overseer. Having that privilege to serve the patients directly signifies more than handling the person attending the patient. At some point, I have felt useless when I cannot help the patient. Such situations have made me rethink adversely on the role I want to play in the field of medicine. I no longer want to be that person who cannot solve a patients problems in depth; I need to play a significant role and be able to heal or save a life, God forbid.

The studies done by the family nurse practitioners is wide yet much simpler, and also they can work in any environment without the presence of a doctor. Their specialties are in the health and wellness of patients as well as treating minor illnesses for people of all ages and gender. Aside from that one can easily be incorporated into any specialty he or she deems fit. The fields like surgery; working alongside surgeons, general practices that involves helping families to even work with the elderly in various nursing homes. Family nurse practitioners also have the option of going independent and practice in private sectors. Many legislative barriers have been tipped over to pave the way for the family nursing practitioners to perform their private practices, mainly since they do possess that advantage of reaching the patients before the real doctors. Family nurse practitioners also have a better understanding of the communities they work in more than the doctors do. This has made them the better-suited candidates for the doctors without borders initiative. With the level and knowledge of practices, they perform they have been made proficient in working in more hostile environments than the doctors can. They have also become a source of hope to the populations that cannot afford any medical care fees or any preventive treatments, thanks to their autonomous methods of practice and their certified roles as primary caregivers.

My academic certificates dully qualify me to become a family nurse practitioner. However, it is the desire to save lives and heal the sick that drives me the most. Fulfillment of these obligations will help in my personal growth and also the medical sector. Preservation of life is something that should not be taken lightly, and I do have that desire and passion for performing the roles of Family Nurse Practitioner. If given a chance I would dully execute my duties and be a source of more help towards providing hope to the society, treating the sick and most of all saving a life

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