Essay on The Problem of Smoking Vape in School

Published: 2023-12-28
Essay on The Problem of Smoking Vape in School
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The most serious problem to deal with is the issue of addiction. The e-cigarettes have been in the market for not less than a decade, yet, the rates of vaping have escalated lately, particularly among the teenagers. Notably, the school has had to suspend 15 students within the last five months. The problem is that teens understand that it is not dangerous for their health compared to smoking cigarettes. They assume that the e-cigarettes are simply flavors and they are consuming a pleasant gas. Besides, there is little information so far among the teachers and parents regarding vaping, therefore, making it challenging for them to properly handle the teens.

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There are several causes for the problem mentioned above. First, these e-cigarettes contain a high level of nicotine content that stimulates addiction among its users. Secondly, the carefree attitude of some parents regarding the conduct of their children is alarming. For instance, out of the four students that had been suspended, only one parent was interested in her daughter attending counselling sessions. I would also attribute the increase in the use of e-cigarettes to their packaging and advertising. Most teenagers are attracted to the innovation of the product and their sleek design making them desire to try it out. Besides, the marketers are economical with the truth regarding the true content of nicotine in their products, a substance that leads to this problem of addiction. Lastly, where parents and guardians are less concerned about the conduct and activities of their children, the outcome is having children who engage in anything that their peers are doing, mostly negative to their lives and health.

Several strategies can be used to handle the problems discussed. First, parents need to be educated regarding these new challenges to understand what they are combating and assume an inquisitive attitude to what experience their teenage children have. The most vital element is having it as a conversation. The schools must also own the process and offer educational plans for the teachers and students. For the teenagers who are already using the e-cigarettes and probably already addicted, parents need to locate clinicians who understand addiction problems for the rehabilitation of their children. The marketers for these products have to be warned regarding their packaging and advertisements that present vaping as a cool activity. They must stop using methods that appeal to the teenagers, for instance using young models, which implies that it should be used by teens. Moreover, they should give facts regarding the nicotine content in these e-cigarettes which is blamed for addiction in users. Lastly, the sale of such products should have an age limit to restrict its sale to children, mostly school-goers.

Some merits and demerits are associated with the strategies above. First, while a parent may be aware of the harms that are caused by the use of the e-cigarettes, there will be no gains if a meaningful conversation is absent. Nonetheless, the merit is that parents will stand a good chance of counselling their children when they notice they are vaping. Secondly, the choice of having the schools own the process may be counterproductive where parents do not offer support. The role of a parent in shaping the conduct of their children is indispensable in combating the behavior among teens. The merit is that children spend most of their time in schools, and it is here where they can learn most of the risks associated with the conduct. The merit of having marketers practice responsible practices while advertising their product is that teens will no longer have to consider such items as being cool to use. Well written cautionary information regarding the content of the product will ensure that users make conscious choices before consuming them. Lastly, limiting sale to a specific age limit will ensure that young children are restricted from purchasing the e-cigarettes. The downside is that it will lead to the sale of the products using unorthodox means such as black markets, making it riskier.

The solution that I would select to deal with the problems mentioned is to have the input of parents. When parents are educated, they will have information regarding how to recognize and combat the challenge in a better way. Perhaps, what is vital is the quality of conversations that they will have with their children regarding the e-cigarettes. Children who have healthy discussions with parents will make better decisions and avoid peer pressure. They will also be able to discern what is wrong and what is right in their actions. This is a strategy that when utilized well will go a long way in handling the rest of the problems surrounding the issue of vaping among children in schools.

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