Free Essay about Causes of Anxiety in Adolescent

Published: 2019-05-15
Free Essay about Causes of Anxiety in Adolescent
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1. There exists a significant relationship between anxiety and an adolescent career choice and academic performance.

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2. There exists a significant difference between the level of anxiety between boys and girls during their academic career.3. There exists a significant relationship between adolescents performance during their academic career and socio-economic background.

Research Questions

1. What are the main causes of anxiety in adolescents during their academic career?

2. Between boys and girls, who are more affected by anxiety during their academic life?

3. What are the effects or the consequences of anxiety among adolescents in schools and during their academic life?

4. What other researchers those need to be done in regard to anxiety and adolescent academic career?

5. How will the research be conducted?

Causes of Anxiety in Adolescent during Academic Career

Adolescents become anxious every day while in their pursuit to mold their career. There are several reasons that lead to the anxiety. First, children between the age of 13 and 17 years have not yet fully developed both mentally and physically (Whitcomb & Merrell, 2013). As a result, Immaturity and other factors related to self-esteem may cause them to become anxious about several things influenced by the fact that, they have little experience in dealing with some situations in life. For instance, adolescents who have never been in school there before will have a hard time in dealing with poor academic performance. On the contrary, experienced students and who have done several exams in the past will have no problem in dealing with the same.

Family background contributes immensely to adolescents anxiety. Young boys and girls who came from a poor background reported increased cases of anxiety when compared to those from high-income families (Whitcomb & Merrell, 2013). Anxiety in low-income students was a result of increased fearing and worrying. These students worried that they might fail to complete school as a result of financial constraints and, therefore, fail to achieve their dream careers. However, cases of anxiety were more common in middle-class families; there was no enough evidence supporting this finding. A poor relationship between parents and their children also contributed to anxiety among adolescent (Raudino, Fergusson & Horwood, 2013). Anxiety was more pronounced in children whom their parents were harsh and demanded good grades. For this reason, students feared being confronted by the parents when they did not present good grades to their parents.Girls Have High Anxiety Level when Compared to Boys.A study conducted on 500 adolescents; 280 girls and 220 boys indicated that girls were more prone to anxiety when compared to boys. Girls were found to have low self-esteem and to believe in low self-efficacy a condition that made them become victims of anxiety. As a matter of fact, girls have low confidence in regard to what they do in life. For instance, during exams period, girls expressed a lot of tensions just before they could sit for an exam. In addition to this, when it was time to get their results from exam department, girls were reported to act of fear and tension just before receiving their results. Other cases of anxiety in girls were witnessed during job interviews and when making speeches to a given audience.

Consequences of Anxiety in Adolescents

Suffering from anxiety has both advantages and disadvantages to an adolescent. As a result of anxiety, adolescents can be in a position to detect threats and instances of danger. The study of psychology has found that: human nature can detect the incoming of a risk in their life. Therefore, come up with a mechanism to avoid the same (McClure, Pope, Hoberman, et al. 2014). For instance, through anxiety, an individual can prevent the occurrence of a fight between two confronting individuals. Anxiety is also a recipe to good grades in school. When students resort to phobia, tension, and fear of exams, chances are that they will study hard so that they can perform better in their exams. More so, anxiety in school has made students become more disciplined in schools. It is especially when they do not want cause troubles with their parents or teachers.

However, anxiety can also be destructive. Increased fear, phobia, and tension as a result of anxiety, can lead to low self-esteem and low self-efficacy. When one has low self-esteem, he has no confidence in regard to many things that happen in life (Mehar & Kaur, 2012). As a result, he will avoid interaction with colleagues and friends in his life; this can lead to a low-quality life that can even lead to stress and later depression. Researchers have shown that, anxiety contributes immensely to dropping out of school. When students start to feel that their parents can no longer afford school fees for them, they drop out of school. In addition to this, anxiety may cause students to perform very poorly academically. As a result of low confidence, it is evident that students will not be comfortable during their exams (Verboom & Ormel, 2014). Additionally, chances are that they will not have prepared well for the exam. Last but not least, anxiety has made many adolescents to indulge in drugs and alcohol. It is when they thought that, indulging in drugs and alcohol will help them solve problems in their life (Schraml, Perski, Grossi, et al. 2012).Other Researches that need to be done in relation to Anxiety, Adolescents, and career Life

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