Essay Example: Community Health Nurses

Published: 2023-04-02
Essay Example: Community Health Nurses
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Question 1.

The community health nurse is responsible for improving the health of the community. The community health nurse also offers education to the members of the community concerning ways of maintaining their health to lower the chances of occurrence of diseases and death. Community health nurses are responsible for organizing education assemblies, conducting health screenings, administration of immunizations, and dispensing medications. There are health problems that community health nurses work towards controlling or eliminating, for example, obesity, teen pregnancies, substance abuse, and sexually transmitted diseases (Cassells, 2018). Community health nurses work in clinics, schools, government health agencies, and hospitals also. Community nurses achieve this by working with community stakeholders. Community stakeholders are involved with community health nurses since they work together to provide outcomes that will be beneficial to all that are involved and affected by their decisions.

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It is important to appraise community resources and assets such as religious institutions, nonprofit making organizations, individuals, and anything that is used to improve the quality of life. This is because they are crucial in gearing the community towards taking part in health promotion. Community resources as part of community assessment are important since they enable a community nurse to plan and offer the most effective medical care to those in need. Information from community resources enables a community health nurse to allocate scarce resources where they can yield maximum health benefits (Cassells, 2018). Besides that, a community nurse needs to work in collaboration with community agencies to assess what issues concerning health cause a significant concern. This will aid in planning for an intervention to address these health issues. Therefore, community resources are vital resources in the population's health population and need to be taken into consideration.

Question 2.

A geopolitical community is one with elaborated geographical and jurisdictional boundaries, for instance, rural municipalities, cities, or town communities. The formation of the geopolitical community is either by natural or human-made frontiers. A natural boundary can, for instance, be created by a river, valley or mountain range. An excellent example of this is most of Nepal's villages. Nepal is rich in rivers, canyons, mountains, lakes, and plateaus. Human-made boundaries, on the other hand, can be political, tectonic, or legal in nature. Roads, canals, and bridges act as structural boundaries while country lines, city lines, and state lines, among others, serve as legal boundaries. Political boundaries could be illustrated by school districts or congressional districts (Geopolitical, 2019).

A phenomenological community can be viewed as a group of people who share common values, interests, beliefs, goals, and viewpoints. It is looked at as a relational rather than a spatial designation. A phenomenological community, however, does not necessarily have to share geographical boundaries. Examples of a phenomenological community are social groups and cultural and religious groups. This is because of their values and beliefs that distinguish them from other groups. Public and community health nurses face some difficulties working with different groups. For example, culture and language barriers.

Utilization of the nursing process helps in identifying health issues and creating an appropriate intervention (Butcher, Bulechek, Dochteman & Wagner, 2018). For example, after assessment, a nurse may perform patient care interventions such as mobility therapy, infection control, postpartum care, alcohol abuse control, and compliance with the diet. Nurses can work in specialized areas such as pediatrics, which may require competency in specific interventions. Not every nurse may be familiar with every intervention, but due to mastery of the nursing process, the concept remains similar in the different areas of the field.


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