The Problem Facing Wichita Falls, Free Essay for Students

Published: 2019-06-24
The Problem Facing Wichita Falls, Free Essay for Students
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Wichita Fall is in the seat of Wichita County, Texas United States. The city has been faced with numerous natural problems over the years. Apart from the historical tornados that have hit the city more than three times; the major problem is the availability of water due to droughts that occasionally hit the city. It is said that water is life; hence, its absence exposes every living thing to possible death. Particularly, Wichita Falls is located in some drought-prone areas of the United States and has not received a serious attention from both the county and national governments. The situation at some points made individuals to channeled wastewater back into the river for possible re-use.

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Water forms a big component of the body, and it is very essential for several biological processes in the body such as excretion, cooling, and forms a major component of the cells. Most importantly, utilization of clean water is among the first lines of prevention of several diseases in the body. However, this has not been the case in Wichita Falls where citizens have not only re-used water from the toilets but have completely lacked water. This can be evidenced when Wichita Falls Mayor Gleen Barham told the news that No outside irrigation whatsoever with potable water, car washes are closed, for instance, one day a week. If you drain your pool to do maintenance, you're not allowed to fill it. As if that is not enough, the city residents, at one point resorted to re-using water from domestic flush from their homes back to the water purification plant.

Lack of water has subjected individuals to various glitches that make it a serious problem to the community. First, there are people who depend on agriculture as the major activity that generates money. While there is agriculture going on in some cities, residents of Wichita Fall cannot farm which leaves them with few occupational activities to earn a livelihood. Secondly, people living in this city are likely to acquire some diseases that are caused by consumption of dirty water. Notably, not all the quantity of water that is brought back for purification comes out very clean hundred percent. Therefore, there is a possibility that residents might be consuming dirty water from the purification plant. Remarkably, some homes re-use water several times before channeling it back for purification that is dangerous for their lives. Following the above effects, the issue of water is a great challenge and a dangerous one to the people Wichita Falls.

However, there are possible solutions that can be implemented down to solve this menace that is likely to kill people in Wichita Falls City. The first solution that has been put into place is re-usage of water. This is done by channeling sink, bath, and toilet water back to the purification plant for the cleansing process and removal of harmful substances. Particularly, the department of water has employed the use of chlorine to speed up the process that is also cheap. So rather than wait several weeks for ultraviolet radiation from the sun to disinfect or kill bacteria, we do it in the plant using chlorine. It takes a matter of minutes to do it instead of weeks, the authorities say.

Another solution to the water problems is to construct more water reservoirs to trap and keep water during the rainy season. The fact is that Wichita also experiences some heavy rainfall during some periods in the year. Therefore, by constructing big water reservoirs that store water can solve the problems. Particularly, a cheap reservoir will be constructing a dam on waterways such as a river. This project can be financed by the county and national government on the behalf of residents. Notably, the stored water does not require serious treatment as compared to purification plant. Water stored in the dam only requires some small amount of chlorine for treatment.

Lastly, a program that is aimed to educate residents on better ways to use water is another way to solve the problem. Particularly residents are taught to make use of the rainy season by planting trees that would act as a water catchment. Moreover, inhabitants should buy water storage materials to keep water during such moments. Lastly, over usage of should be stopped to take for future needs of water.

Following the discussion herein, it suffices that the major problem of Wichita Falls city is the availability of clean water that is safe for human consumption. Unattainability of water exposes residents to reuse water that is not hundred percent safe for consumption. However, to solve these problems, there are certain mitigation plans that should be implemented. The first one is broadening the reuse of water by constructing more purification plants. Additionally, construction of more reservoirs such as dams would assist residents to store water during rainy season. Lastly, an education program on effect use of water is necessary.

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