Settlers of Catan: Stimulating Board Game to Enhance Cognitive Reserve

Published: 2022-12-27
Settlers of Catan: Stimulating Board Game to Enhance Cognitive Reserve
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My favorite board game is known as Settlers of Catan board game. It is a stimulating leisure game. The board game is considered as stimulating since it helps in protecting against cognitive and dementia decline which aids in enhancing the cognitive reserve. The cognitive reserve is that part of the brain susceptible to pathology and age correlated brain changes. Persons who have a significant cognitive reserve can cope with brain-related changes since the large cognitive reserve helps in maintaining brain functions. Settlers of Catan board game is a multiplayer strategy game. Each player has to settle on the island of Catan. Its board is likened to the map of Catan. Each player tries to be the akin force who struggles to amass resources that will assist him or her build roads, cities, and create settlements. Its resources consist of stone, brick, wood, sheep, and grain. Through playing Settlers of Catan board game, one utilizes the following cognitive skills. First, the settler utilizes negotiation skills. This game requires the settler to negotiate with other islanders. You can not win this game if you cannot engage with others, for instance, during the trading for resources; you cannot trade with your opponent who has a high likelihood to win the game. Secondly, this game helps the player to develop excellent analytical skills of his or her current environment; the player has sufficient knowledge on how a particular environment affects his or her chances of winning. Lastly, Settlers of Catan board game utilize efficiently skills on how to manage available resources. The board game imparts players with essential skills on how best they can allocate available resources. Thus, Settlers of Catan game promotes novelty exposure, takes the lead in planning, initiatives, adaptations to losing and winning and conveys instantaneous pleasure to the participants.

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What are some cognitive strengths necessary to excel at this game?

Settlers of Catan board game is not a trivial destructive game. This game is good for our minds. It helps us listen to others more, manage our resources efficiently, and envision our future moves. Settlers of Catan board game allows players to evaluate an opponent's cognitive skills in some areas such as reasoning, perceptual processing, executive functions, attention, and memory. Since Settlers of Catan board game is a good, simple and powerful game, it helps the players to increase their life skills and brain power. When these two things are accomplished, one can recognize his or her real intelligence that will be of help in providing the mind with agility. The cognitive strengths necessary to excel at Settlers of Catan board game include attention that is sustainable, selective and divided. The player has to have a long term and working memory, reasons, can be able to solve problems and form ideas ideally. Necessary speed auditory, visual processing cognitive skills are also essential for the player.

How can a player improve their performance through cognition and memory?

A player's brain is the utmost valuable organ that needs to be fit. If a player needs to perform well, he or she needs to improve his or her cognitive skills and memory. There are various ways to improve a player's cognitive and include; watching tv and reading actively, Playing card and board games, solving all different puzzles that he or she comes into contact, taking part in vigorous exercises that improve cognitive function. Making sure that he or she attends workshops and seminars, taking new hobbies and visiting museums, historical sites, and zoos that stimulates the mind. The memory of players can too be improved by encouraging them to stay hydrated, getting good and enough sleep, reducing stress, memorizing or focusing and engaging all the human senses.

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