The Zero Tolerance Approach: Essay Sample

Published: 2023-03-02
The Zero Tolerance Approach: Essay Sample
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The school environment is governed by laws and regulations that allow every single aspect of the society to run effectively; however, this is just the basis through which administration is expertly run. Through looking into some of how policies could affect the studies and the vision of the school, then one starts to appreciate how the task is very dynamic. Such procedures as the Zero Tolerance approach states that the school should set though disciplinary punishments for any misbehavior and that this should be strictly adhered to at all times.

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With a strict system and set rules, theoretically, the student should be fearful, thus developing a disciplined lifestyle while at the institution. The fear of punishment may deter some students, but then the rift between the teachers and students will proportionally increase (Trends, 2019). Taking the case of a student who is found to be a habitual thief in the school, the discipline master decides to suspend the student hence allowing them time to work on their discipline. Furthermore, this student is identified to be using vulgar language and is not apologetic nor shows remorse at the event of punishment.

In such a case, the student's discipline is not only at stake but his social life too. To resolve such a case, the principal should administer an inquiry on some of the aspects in the student's environment; these may include his family background, relation with the teachers and his immediate friends. Through delving into the student's life, the administrator may discover the root of such dire behavior and hence be better placed to provide a remedy. The stakeholders at this level will be the student's parents or guardian, the class teacher, and close people to the student.

Since the student is chronic in his behavior, then the first step will be to mitigate through providing guidance and session. This will allow educators to have time with the student and fully discover what the cause of their unruly behavior is. The administration should also ensure that they have time with the teachers and educate on the value of empathy (Casella, 2003). While the student may be having severe problems with discipline, an empathetic approach to such a case may allow the teacher to develop trust, and the student will be more willing to oblige.

Some states have an elaborate approach in which such events should be handled, for instance, the California Compilation of School Discipline Laws and Regulations compiled by Child Trends, under the EDC 48900 subsection (a) demonstrate that the principal will have the authority to discern whether a situation is critical of an expulsion. Under such grounds, the principal should establish if the student's behavior poses an immediate danger to other students. If not, then a disciplinary action that will be centered at ensuring that the students correct and develop to a better life.

In conclusion, the administration of disciplinary punishment should be based on allowing the student to correct themselves rather than giving strict rules that will eradicate the learner. As shown by various studies, providing a compassionate approach to indiscipline cases provides the pupil with a sense of love from the administration. It will more likely develop good manners while at the school premises. Also, considering the school vision, students who are treated well are more likely to foster a positive approach to every aspect of their lives and hence will be more productive.


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