The Prescription Opioid Epidemic: Article Analysis Essay

Published: 2023-01-29
The Prescription Opioid Epidemic: Article Analysis Essay
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Opioids a product that people use to alter their mind's performance. It is highly addictive and this has made it be one of the most used products in the world, especially the United States. According to the data, about 90 people in the United States die every day due to excess application of the product (Cicero & Ellis, 2017).

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According to the article, the prescription opioid epidemic: a review of qualitative studies on the progression from initial use to abuse, in the past 20 years, the application of prescription opioids has greatly increased in America and other nations such as Canada. However, the United States remains the biggest consumer of the product on the globe. In comparison, the rate has increased from 76 million in 1991 to 219 million in 2011 (Cicero & Ellis, 2017). Due to the rise, a lot of research has been conducted to understand the dramatic rise in consumption. Most studies focus on the reason why the prescription opioid epidemic depends on structured interviews. In most cases, these interviews try to get complex reasons which are influencing individuals to consume the product. However, they do not review systematic studies that have been used to explain the development of opioid use disorder. Additionally, studies do not focus on providing a "high" opioids report which indicates psychological or emotional issues that lead a person to start using the product. As such, the article offers various conditions used in structured interviews such as a nontherapeutic application. Most people who find themselves using these products were introduced as myth such as it is a safe alternative use of other illegal products (Cicero & Ellis, 2017). Hence, taking the product will make a person to fill high. In a structured interview, quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection are integrated with studies to develop a logical conclusion. This conclusion is deployed in the formation of effective treatment approaches among those affected by the disorder.

Based on the content of the article, I have learned that opioids abuse is one of the most used products in America. Due to their high addiction, it forms as the primary pathway of the development of opioid use disorder. A large number of people who have joined the application of these drugs have joined due to the influence of wrong statements. Despite the high application of opioid, there are other drugs such as heroin which are also taken. The government of America needs to effectively integrate with research to develop an approach that may help to reduce the high consumption of drugs in the country.

Based on my perception of the article, the author has effectively addressed why the consumption of opioids is still high in America. In this case, they are supposed to develop an approach that will reduce the addiction rate by embracing the education system which will teach people about the effect of the drug. Additionally, the government may deploy treatment approach which helps to reduce the effect of drugs to prevent addiction.

The article will play a vital role in my career. It guides me on various approaches I can deploy to reduce other people from taking drugs. Drugs are products which have highly ruined a large number of people's life. Therefore, it would be my responsibility to develop ways to reduce consumption. Educating young people may help them to understand the effects of drugs to avoid engaging in the same.


Cicero, T. J., & Ellis, M. S. (2017, September). The prescription opioid epidemic: A review of qualitative studies on the progression from initial use to abuse. Retrieved from

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