The Power of Young Activists: Essay Sample on the Republican Revolution

Published: 2023-03-29
The Power of Young Activists: Essay Sample on the Republican Revolution
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The current state of the republican is one that shifts from progressive social issues to retrogressive social issues. However, there is a revolution on the way young people look and approach social issues. While conventionally, social issues such as abortion and gay marriage used to be forbidden, the society has transformed to accept and embrace them warmly. The young voters are overwhelmingly liberal, and the republicans must consider their liberal nature to win them back. The current political disposition appears to be disproportionately driven and inclined towards the passionate nature of the young activists. Hence, for the republicans to win the passion of the young people, they have to incline their dispositions towards the progressive causes of the young people.

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One of the plausible ways the republicans can win the young voters back is by changing their stances on social issues. President Donald Trump is a republican and has failed to support gay marriage and abortion issues. The majority of the republicans feel that the transgender people do not deserve any form of federal protection for their inclination towards gay marriage. The party considers such social issues to be morally wrong and should not be accepted in the current social world. In contrary, the young voters are more in support of gay marriage and abortion as a way of allowing people more freedom to do whatever they wish to do rather than dictating their moral authority. Due to these discrepancies, many young people have runway and no longer support the republican ideologies. As a result, the party has lost young followers and the voters. Hence, to win the young voters back, the Republican Party has to reconsider their stance and support of social issues that affect the Americans greatly.

The republicans can also win back the young voters by embracing liberty in their party ideology. Individual liberty is an aspect that is in tandem with the economic and religious freedom (Alemany, 2019). Every party has a responsibility to respect the freedom of the followers and cannot act contrary to their freedom. Hence, it has to accord them the freedom they deserve; however, the Republicans have acted contrary to the young people's freedom, and this has made them become liberals, antireligious. Anti-liberals, anti-market and anti-speech. In this regard, the republicans have a role in taking an about-turn and allow people more liberty and freedom. Through such initiatives, the party will win the people's mind and reclaim their party's liberty.

The problem is not the policies but the leadership of President Trump. The president's view on social issues such as abortion and gay marriage is purely a personal issue rather than a policy issue. Besides, the issues on giving freedom and liberty to people is an issue of personality rather than policies. Republican Party is composed of the elderly who believe in the conventional ways of approaching social issues. In contrary, the young people are more liberal and believe in the freedom, and deviate from the rigid traditional views. There is hence a huge difference between the views held by the young people and the elderly who make up the majority of the republicans. Such discrepancies have made the young people change their stance about the party.

According to Hochman (2019), the young republicans are inclined towards supporting the climate change and environmental conscious society. However, the president's administration is less concerned about the climate change. Besides, the young republicans are more open on immigration issues. As a result of the differences on the issues on immigration and climate change, young republicans have developed a distaste against president trump and the Republicans in general. Hochman (2019) posited that the number of young who support Donald Trump is equivalent to 27% while the number that express distaste and hence disapproval of the president stands at $65.

However, it is hard for the Republicans to accept to change their stance and incorporate the young people since that would be supporting the views of the democrats. The ideologies of the two parties are different, and none can tend to incorporate the ideologies of the others since that would compromise their stance.

In conclusion, the republicans have the responsibility to embrace the young people by considering their inherent passions, interests and inclination towards social issues. The key issue to address is to differences that exists between the republicans and the young people. The issues that make young people to denounce the republicans is an issue of President Trump's personality and not an issue of policy. To curb the neglect of the young people towards the republicans,


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