Moscow and Washington D.C. as Global Cities: Presentation and Speaker Notes

Published: 2022-07-08
Moscow and Washington D.C. as Global Cities: Presentation and Speaker Notes
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I currently live in Moscow, Russia having in mind that this is a global city that is known when it comes to taking part in various economically related activities. The regions are located in the northern parts of the globe as Russia is based on the European outskirts. The location of the city where I currently live is shown on the map below.

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Figure 1: Map of Moscow

The social, cultural aspects of the region are clear as it is commonly known when it comes to trade and engaging in events that bring people together. The region has been undergoing tremendous industrial developments having in mind that most of the land has been reclaimed from oceans and other swampy areas. Therefore, the landscape has changed to be able to accommodate the construction of more buildings that facilitated the establishment of more social institutions.

The new global region where I would want to relocate to is Washington D.C, United States. My reason for relocation is the fact that I would want to advance my career having in mind that I work for the Coca-Cola Company. Coca-Cola is a globally known company as it operates on a multinational basis. The map below shows the geographical location of the region:

Figure 2: Map of Washington D.C.

The key sociocultural and physical characteristics that define the region include the fact that most people are always willing to engage in business as groups and therefore the number of companies in the area is booming. There is a wide range of sporting institutions that are based on making sure that people are physically fit to stay away from lifestyle diseases. The people believe in industrial development, and therefore the landscape has been profoundly affected by having my buildings being constructed on reserved lands.

The similarities that exist between the current region and the new region is the fact that they both act as business hubs. They also handle matters that are connected to socializing and making sure that the political affiliations between the people are stable and peaceful. The difference between the two regions is that the current one deals with matters of insecurity on a less serious platform because there are still no policies to guide the rule. On the other hand, the new region is serious when it comes to matters of security as many departments have been set aside for that purpose.

Washington D.C. is the capital city of the United States, and it has been acting as the government's seat for a long while. The city also hosts some headquarters, and in this case, it has a branch of the Coca-Cola Company which is the place where I would want to have my career advancement taking place. The city acts as sit for other major departments such as security and foreign affairs which are key in the country. The city is well connected to other states in the region as it is the capital and most of the issues affecting the country are solved there. The United States hosts the headquarters of Coca-Cola Company and therefore, the city is the best place to advance my career. This reason is that it will provide an ample place to closely interact with the heads of the company and also get the chance to have a promotion to higher positions.

In conclusions, the new region is perfect for my career development although I am likely to face the challenge of being allowed to settle in the new region. The United State has placed stiff policies when it comes to immigration, and I might have to spend a lot of money to make it a success. Even though the region is socioculturally advanced, getting into the country is not an easy task as the foreign policies are strict on all immigrants.


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