Essay Sample on the Potential to Write at Your Best

Published: 2017-07-03
Essay Sample on the Potential to Write at Your Best
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My eyes have begun to droop, my heading nodding closer and closer to the table, my hands have stalled out, hovering over my keyboard, the words on my screen are blurry and indifferentiable from each other. The complete exhaustion has set in. Jerking awake, I check my watch, it displays 3:07 am; why is this essay taking me so long to write? Bleary eyed I read my last sentence, incomprehensible gibberish is all that my tired brain is able to grasp. Good thing that all I have left is my conclusion to this dastardly hard, nine-page essay. Questioning whether or not I will be able to complete this essay up to my high standards before class, a slow wisp of steam trails its way up to my nose from my forgotten mug. The smell of rich, nutty coffee engulfs my mind; stimulating the words that lay in rest in my subconscious. Within my first few sips, I could feel my fingers poising to unleash my words to the world through my essay. A few more sips, draining my rooster-painted mug from Goodwill, my fingers are lightly tapping away as fast as a water droplet speeding down a waterfall. Soon, with a breath of relieve, my essay is complete, lacking only one last read through for grammar, which I decide to do in the morning.

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Sometimes, it can be hard to find inspiration to write. I know that I have struggled with it from time to time, and some of those occasions end up with last minute late nights fueled with coffee. Other times, it can be so easy to allow the brain to speed ahead and fingers to fly. For me, finding inspiration is easy when I am permitted to brainstorm my own topic. All I have to do is watch the clouds strolling by, leaves tickling their branches in the wind, an abruptly brave squirrel demanding snacks, the swirls of a snowstorm, or the unapologetic vibrancy of the setting sun. There is a cause to write in everything that surrounds us, the key is to look carefully and find the beauty or pain in the world that begs us to be written about.

When looking around fails to stir any sort of inspiration, then an equally effective way to be stimulated is to turn inside. Search for passions, fears, happiness, and questions. We live in a wondrous time where we can turn to Google to answer all the questions we might have. A question can lead you down a pathway of learning, and give you the answers you need to be inspired to write.

Writing doesn`t always have to be beautiful and eloquent, the fear that your writing won`t be up to par is a major setback. Breaking through personal expectations and the anticipations of others, gives you the potential to write at your best. If you are writing because you love it and want to be immersed in the written word then finding inspiration without setbacks is easier and allows your work to live prosperously on the page. Never be afraid of criticisms, it might make you shove inspiration to the side and only do what is expected. Education is writing, writing is freedom, and you are your own inspiration.

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