Jesus' Death and Resurrection: The Ultimate Sacrifice. Paper Sample

Published: 2022-12-28
Jesus' Death and Resurrection: The Ultimate Sacrifice. Paper Sample
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The bible story of death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the ultimate central swift of the saving of the Gospel of Christ. Jesus well understood that his life was to undergo sacrificed for the sins of the son of man. The act of crucifying was the punishment used by the Romans to deal with foreigners where they were nailed on the cross and left to die slowly. The book of John explains how Jesus was betrayed by Judas Iscariot who was one of his disciples and taken to Pilate who later handed him to the Jews for crucifying. In the same scenario, one of his disciple Peter could not accept that he was one of his disciples. Following closely in the book of John, one thing is sure; we must firmly with no doubts believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Everyone recognizes the belief that Jesus was crucified and resurrected. This paper will carefully analyze the book of John and explain how Jesus was crucified to when he resurrected. It will focus on the significance of the passage events such the empty tomb and the timing of the death of Jesus at the Passover, significance of the dialogue involved between Jesus and the palate, Peter before his death and after his resurrection and statements of Jesus on the cross. For this paper to achieve theological blend, it will go ahead and try to explain why it was necessary for Jesus to die and resurrect again and the accomplishments that came through his death and resurrection.

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At the pinnacle of his ministry, many Jews believed in his Jesus as the Messiah, but on the other hand, the Jewish leaders feared him because of the heightened number of follower's every day. The Roman soldiers arrested him with the help of Judah Iscariot. The Pontius Pilate did not see, therefore, was reluctant to punish him. Thus, the Pilate washed his hands and handed him to the Jews. After the beatings, Jesus was nailed on the cross between two criminals and his side pierced by a very sharp. One of the criminals asked Jesus to remember him, and Jesus went ahead in his last breath and asked God to forgive them for they did not know what they were doing.

After the death of Jesus, one of his disciples called Joseph of Arimathea for fear of Jews secretly asked permission from the Pilate to take Jesus' body for the burial. Joseph of Arimathea together with Nicodemus performed the rituals by Jews and laid him in a tomb. On the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb and found the stone at the side of the tomb. She ran and informed Simon Peter and the other disciple who after seeing believed that his body had was taken away. They did not understand the scripture that he must rise from the dead. Mary was left weeping at the tomb, and that's how she met Jesus. He had resurrected.

In Christian Theology, Death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are the essential occasions for the commemoration of Easter. Besides, they are the basis of Christian faith that we hold onto as Christians. The death of Jesus Christ was not a result of human judgment. His death signified divine plan. It represented a demonstration of the power of God, the divinity of Jesus and at the same time foundation of hope for Christian believers. Was not his will, but his father's will to die and save the world from sins? Jesus death defeats the forces of evil at the revolution from the old creation to the eschatological new age of the spirit. Thus his death was a plan by God to save the people from evil.

When the Pontius Pilate washed his hands, it signified that he was in support of killing Jesus because he saw no sins that he had committed. Pilate wanted to release him, but the crowd won't let, and therefore he let them take Jesus away for crucifying but he would not be part of it. It shows that even in the evil world we live today, good people exist - not everyone who judges.

The "timely hour" that Jesus breathed his last breath was not a coincidence that he had to die that way. It signified the completion of his father's will and the end of his earthly mission. It was not meant to be the hour of humiliation but the hour of his glorification such that he would give a new life to the world by being "lifted. Every attempt of who those sorts to take him to the king or kill him did not materialize because evidently "the hour" was not yet. Accordingly Jesus' embraces the hour of his death as the father's will. Therefore, the hour of Jesus death is to be understood by Christians, not as a tragedy but God's hour for his will to do.

The dialogue between Pontius Pilate and Jesus signified victory against the evil. I also showed that the essential kingdom not the earthly but from heaven. When the Pilate asked Jesus what he had done, he replied that his kingdom was not of this world, because if it were then his servants would be fighting for him not to be crucified. Thus it shows in the kingdom of heaven there is no fighting. The sharing of the garment of Jesus by the soldiers was also significant. Soldiers took his clothing and cut into four, and they threw the tunic in the air to be caught by one of them. It was meant to fulfill the scripture that clearly states that the garment is to be divided among them and for his cloth they cast lots.

During the Passover, the sacrificial lamb was not supposed to be blemish . The event is very significant with Jesus who was sinless naturally but had to die to deliver salvation to the world. It was through his blood all sins were washed . Thus Jesus was significant to the sacrificial lamb that during the Passover.

In Christianity, the death and resurrection of Jesus were essential. It was and is the central truth of Christian faith. It is through the death and resurrection of Jesus that there is salvation in the world. Revival has been centrally talked about even in the Old Testament and so what happened in the book of John was the fulfillment God's will through prophecies. The only reason for almost all Jews accepting Jesus was after his resurrection meaning that his death and resurrection gave birth to salvation and many people got saved.

It is through the death and resurrection of Jesus that his true identity came out to the light to those that did not believe it. He was declared son of God with the spirit of holiness, by the resurrection from the dead. It made the Jews realize that he was not imposing as the Jews king as they purported during his crucifying. The resurrection of Jesus brought his character in light to the Jews. If Jesus did not resurrect, he would pose as a liar because he predicted that he would rise again. Also, the resurrection was vital to his ministry. The ministry of Jesus could have ended in defeat if he did not rise from the dead.

Conclusively, the death and resurrection of Jesus was not a coincidence nor a tragedy. His death was God's will and planned to save the world from sins. It is through his sacrifice at the cross that many were born again and believed in righteousness. It strengthened Christianity and became the foundation of faith. Therefore, no one by any chance should doubt his resurrection. His garment and tunic at the tomb, empty tomb, and scarless body are enough evidence to show that he indeed rose from the dead.


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