Free Essay on the "Antigone" Play

Published: 2022-11-21
Free Essay on the "Antigone" Play
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Antigone is a classical tragedy play written by Sophocles around 440 BC. The play has stood time in maintaining relevance to date where Sophocles is adored for his creative Theban plays; Antigone, Oedipus Rex and Oedipus at Colonus. This paper seeks to validate the relevance to produce this play at your theatre. Its success lies within the play's plot, setting and the symbolism it portrays in our modern world (Belloli 164).

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The play was originally intended by Sophocles for competition. He faced competition from two other writers competing for the prize of being the best tragedy play. Sophocles focused on entertaining as well as educating the audience. This is through using an ancient Greek mythology in the plot (Belloli 165). One would be entertained whilst learning more about Greek history on the interactions of gods with man. The play went on to win the event and he was later drafted into the army as a reward.

In conforming to the entertainment role of the play, Sophocles adapts music into the play. While preparing for the play, he teaches the play with fifteen men who would play the role of the Chorus. This group was important in the play by giving context to the audience and transition in between scenes. These were the Theban elders located in the palace where most of the play takes place (Belloli 164). Music is a main part of this play, making it more entertaining. Producing the play will make use of singers as well as musical instruments to add on tension and suspense.

Since the play's setting is based on the ancient Greece, there will be an interesting choice of costumes for actors. This includes royal dressing such as long, colorful linen tunics and leather sandals accompanied by various ornaments such as rings and metallic headbands for women characters (Lansky 48). There will also be the use of military attire, such as spears and shields. The play revolves around a Royal family and interaction with guards and messengers. Such display of costume will be entertaining to the audience while learning about the ancient Greece dressing.

Apart from the play's setting and characters, plot and symbolism play a significant role in elevating its significance. Sophocles touches on aspects of the society that are still relevant in our modern society. Such include feminism, divine and civil disobedience and justice. Feminism is portrayed in the play where one of the characters, Ismene tries to convince her sister, Antigone, against disobeying Creon. She says, "we were born women, we should not strive with men" (Lansky 49). This shows oppression of women by men, which during Sophocles time was a topic wiggling in most peoples' tongues (Belloli 165). Producing this film will pave way for dialogue in favor of equal rights.

There is also a portrayal of divine and civil disobedience. In the beginning of the play, Creon is seen to deny Antigone the moral right to bury her brother in accordance with customs (Lansky 48). He declares it a crime to bury Polyneices' body, making the gods angry. Antigone also disobeys his civil rule by performing burial rituals despite knowing the consequences. Haemon is also seen to be against the civil ruling of his father, where the two are involved in an argument. Such disobedience is however followed by consequences where Creon loses his family with Antigone and Haemon both losing their lives (Belloli 165). Such depiction of disobedience followed by punishment is an important factor in educating the public. Producing the play will assist in shaping a democratic society with the audience.

Pride is the play's main theme as characters are involved in selfish acts and finally met with justice (Lansky 50). Disobedience is met with punishment for instance Creon remaining miserable man. Greed for power is met with death, where Eteocles and Polyneices kill each other while fighting for the throne. Love is met with pain, for instance Haemon engaged in Antigone deals with her death by stabbing himself. His mother, Eurydice, as well kills herself. In the end all loss brought by pride is rewarded with wisdom.

In conclusion, Antigone is proven to be worth production on account of its nerve striking topics, well-articulated plot and an interesting story. It is guaranteed to be entertaining as it has stood through thousands of years to remain relevant to the audience through teaching values as well as entertain.

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