Essay Example. The Plan After the Lockdown

Published: 2023-07-13
Essay Example. The Plan After the Lockdown
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Monday 8 June 2020 will be the start date of the plan, which will probably be after the lockdown giving a break for customers, especially by having more weekend flights. In human resources, the plan change for the company will involve them to go to the domestic market and the people involved will be the customer service staff of domestic operations, domestic cabin crew and the most important domestic pilots. Via the Internet, cost will be covered by generating revenue that will cover empty seats for domestic flight levels and help curb higher fares. The technology will relate to individuals involvement of the company and the domestic flight consumers on social media creating more awareness for the brand of the company with safety measures.

Through the South Pacific and New Zealand, the organization has a comprehensive range of business, and it operates in the infrastructure division as a supplier in industrial, infrastructure, civil and mechanical areas. The company can achieve economic objectives effectively by the change in the organization (Boyle, 2007). Fletcher Building Company must incorporate new business strategies and innovative ideas for a stronghold position in the market of construction. The online solution will relate to transport and utilities that the company provides in infrastructure, creating faster and better ways to connect and communicate. They can create vibrant and liveable cities with an online solution of safety to acquire public and commercial building constructions. The company will have an integral part of modernization with deep connections and historical understanding. Projects of Fletcher Company include infrastructure and building of institutions, airports and bridges, and they also resource community and educational institutions with materials. Undertaking those steps, the company can project complex tasks under perfect leadership and compete in a robust competitive environment by an ideal strategy of innovation. Resources relate this strategy in that the company needs to have the best quality to produce more outputs (Baumgartner & Rauter, 2017). The change will ensure smooth running and enhance normal operations of the company maximizing productivity and mitigating wastage.

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Through the change, human resource activities are better as employees' needs and grievances are taken into consideration to create a safe working conditions. There is transparency in monitoring the assets of the company, and the involvement of employees increases morale by use of software systems. Group innovation influences proactive behavior and creativity by use of a human resource management system. The change shifts the culture of employees by maximization adherence from previous practices to safety measures strategic laws for the wellbeing of the organization. Linear incremental change promotes the sharing of various safety problems and team building with the workers coming together from distinct departments. The change will lead to less exposure to perils and assist in coming up of concrete solutions. Utilize proper technology in the power and duties of the company to all employees will guarantee specification. All aspects of the business will run swiftly since the alteration will assist in avoiding misunderstandings and conflict of the establishment. Responsibilities, roles and rules will develop with the transition while opportunities are established, helping the achievement of the company goal.

Business and Innovation, and Organizational Change by Applying Business KnowledgeThe online software solution is to enhance safety measures by mitigating daily operational risks through innovative technology. The software will create services and products for Fletcher by entailing an operation system with end-user applications and in mobile phones. The process for innovation will include the organization of the team, managerial process and design techniques enhancement.

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