Free Paper: The Parents' Contributions to the Studies of Their Children

Published: 2023-08-28
Free Paper: The Parents' Contributions to the Studies of Their Children
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This chapter of the novel discusses the parents' contributions to the studies of their children and how families and professionals can partner to help students achieve positive results. It is evident that for students to achieve their goals in school, there must be effective learning and teaching. However, effective learning requires the presence of highly qualified teachers and modern technology as well as the support of the students' families. Therefore, the school professionals and families must have a mutual agreement on the expected outcomes once they partner to support the students.

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Parental involvement has a high impact on the children's education; children become more engaged in their schoolwork and achieve better results when they receive enough support from their parents. This may later lead to long term economic and social advantages. Additionally, involving parents in the learning of their children reduces chronic absenteeism, increases motivation and strengthens the relationship between the teachers and the students hence better outcomes.

Apart from students, parents and teachers also benefit from professional and family partnerships. Teachers always organize parents to assist their children with their assignments. Such engagements tend to make parents think highly of their teachers, which increases teachers' confidence. Being aware of students' family life can help the teachers prepare schedules that best fit the students' needs. Because of the support they receive from both teachers and parents, such students tend to perform better. When teachers and parents partner together to support their children, they all benefit.

Moreover, the positive behavior support discussed in the novel is all about working together with families and careers to create a shared understanding of why some students need to participate in challenging activities in schools, at home, and in every other place. However, this kind of support is common in partnerships with families that have strong based trust. Such families find it easy to trust their children and therefore, may have no problem with their needs to participate in any challenging activities. In case of a change in the environment, positive behaviours enable one to develop healthy and meaningful relationships with others. Positive behavior support is a crucial factor in achieving the goals of the students. In some circumstances, the teachers are forced to provide individual support to students who need more help than the support catered to all students.

School-wide positive behavior supports the presence of an organizational approach that is essential in enhancing students' social behavior while in school. It also increases the effects of academic instructions on the accomplishment of positive management. School-wide behavior support is generally an effective way of building an atmosphere that is beneficial to all students, including those with disabilities. This program offers universal support, group support, and individual support, depending on the type of support that the students need.

The final part of the chapter discusses the use of assistive technology in students’ academic programs. Just like instructional technology, assistive technology enhances the student’s access to educational programs. It enables students to participate in daily activities at home, in school, and within the community. Assistive technology can be as complicated as a voice-activated computer system or as simple as a mere hearing aid. But they all enhance the students’ ability to function independently. They are making use of assistive technologies while at home, which is more beneficial to families and students living with disabilities than the other students. In most cases, assistive technologies improve the performance, participation, and independence of students.

In conclusion, partnership commitments are generally essential in supporting the learning of children. Even though these impacts may differ depending on the kind of support each family prefers, it is still necessary for parents to commit themselves to support their children. Therefore, professionals should always ensure that parents have an opportunity to participate in their children’s education.

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