Learning from Others: A Journey Through Business and Life - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-11-15
Learning from Others: A Journey Through Business and Life - Essay Sample
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I always enjoy the beauty found in diversity. It is actually my personal goal to interact with as many people as I can throughout my lifetime. I would like to get to know other people’s ideas and perspectives concerning business and life in general. I would like to walk in their shoes for a moment and know what experiences they have had in the journey of business and the lessons they have learnt through such experiences. In the long run I may even write a book about the lessons I shall have learnt from my interactions.

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Being in the business field, it is imperative that I improve on my networking and management skills, to sharpen my analytical and critical thinking skills and to be prepared to lead a team of high performers. I believe it is a dream for everyone handling a business enterprise to have a broad network of partners and clients and to have a nearly flawless system within the enterprise that ensures the satisfaction of the employees too. In the short term, my focus will be on mastering these crucial skills and eventually use them to expand my business to an even larger scale. Integrating these two skills with my skills in computer science should be an advantage that will help me achieve my goal of seeing my business enterprise being recognized internationally.

It is my belief that being part of the Trojan Family is only a step away from me achieving my dreams. To begin with, USC Marshall is a home to diverse yet like-minded people. This creates the perfect platform for networking. The school’s population in itself is a host of potential clients and future business partners. I am looking forward to interacting with young innovative entrepreneurs with the same interests as mine and together come up with a great network of business personnel. Besides this, the Alumni Association of The Trojan Family has always had the reputation of being supportive of their own. Being such a cooperative and supportive community makes the USC Marshall a conducive environment for learning and creating good networks that may prove essential even after completing the course.

The students at USC Marshall testify that the school is unmatched at preparing for casing and case competitions. Experiencing such top-notch preparations will offer me an opportunity to learn how to practically apply the lessons taught in class and prepare me on how to handle different situations in real life. This will help in sharpening my analytical and critical thinking skills. Besides making the lessons more pragmatic, the case competitions also provide a chance for connecting with students from other schools and companies.

I admire the fact that USC Marshall is making it possible to integrate the business courses with other disciplines and areas of interest. The majors and even the elective courses are very considerate of the students’ areas of interest. This makes Marshall home to any business-oriented minds regardless of their fields of specialization. It makes the business courses pertinent, relatable, and enjoyable as no one is left out. I cannot wait to be part of The Trojan Family.

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