Education Essay Sample: Why Attending College Is Important

Published: 2019-08-14
Education Essay Sample: Why Attending College Is Important
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It is factual that college education is of great importance to modern society, and this is evident in the benefits that it brings to the young generations and the opening of the mental capacities it has on the students. The importance of the college education is also evident in the way it opens doors to students and the manner it provides the several advantages and opportunities in the ever-changing technical world (Belfield & Peter 211). Statistics also prove that those with a college education earn twice as much as the individuals with a high school diploma, and this proves the fact that college education helps individuals to increase their earnings and improve their welfare thereby them in the development of their living conditions. In this relation, the college education is therefore seen to be helping in facilitating the growth of economies as it provides individuals with ways of generating income and building of economies.

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Researchers have engaged in the analysis of the challenges that those without the college education have. One of the disadvantages of acquiring only the high school diploma is that they tend to live shorter that those with a college education. Research works also show that individuals with a college education tends to live longer, have better medical access and are more economically stable that their counterparts with only high school education (Paulsen & John 91). Some of the benefits of acquiring college education is the higher opportunity of having a more disposable income and more time that an individual has in participating in the leisure activities, having time to vote, having a higher voter rate and getting more opportunities to participate in the communal activities. Such opportunities help individuals to improve their living standards, help in the improvement of the human welfare and the development of interpersonal skills.

By acquiring a college education, an individual gains access to job opportunities hence afford to live in affluent neighborhoods. By accessing the affluent neighborhoods, the individuals with a college education have access to areas that have higher property values, and this gives them the opportunity to collect higher taxes. In the areas with higher property values and where there are better tax revenues, the neighborhoods enjoy better schools and better access to healthcare and this enables the parents with a college education to pass the advantages to their children (Adams 362). This gives the children the opportunity to access better education and live longer by accessing better healthcare than the children whose parents have only high school diploma. Individuals that have a college education have the ability to have their children grow up healthier, perform better in schools and give their children the opportunity to go to school up to the college level.

College education also equips individuals with higher skills than those who do not. In this relation, employers usually use the college education to sort out the potential employees, and this gives the individuals with college education an opportunity to acquire employment opportunities much easier. This is because employers appreciate the fact that graduates with a college education have a higher ability that their counterparts with high school diploma (Paulsen & John 93). In addition to equipping students with professional skills that help the graduates to register better performance at their work sites, college education also equips the students with life skills that help them to be pragmatic and tackle lifes challenges. Such skills enable the individuals to have a broader experience in the school life, and this helps in building the interpersonal skills that enable them to life a more fulfilling life in the society.

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