Free Essay Sample - The Perfect School

Published: 2023-09-07
Free Essay Sample - The Perfect School
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The student's age should be at the same level or coming close to being the same as other students. The same age level reduces the drift between teachers and students. Ideally, students who are the same age make it easier to make friends with their classmates. As a result, it creates a bond that enables them to help each other with ideas. With the same age level, it becomes easier for children and teachers to discuss any topic without any hesitance. In my dream school, I would prefer the student's teacher ratio to be at least 10:1. This means that every ten students are represented by one teacher. In addition, the student-teacher ratio makes it possible for teachers to identify the student's weaknesses and strengths. Consequently, the 10:1 student-teacher ratio is crucial because it helps students get individual attention from the teachers in case learning becomes challenging for some students. The length of my dream school is about six hours in order to allow mind relaxation and also focus on other things that could be useful in building my career. Parental engagement is an essential aspect since I get to have home support and knowledge when in need of assignment help. Finally, my dream school should be equipped with good leadership in order to promote the development of teaching staff and also fill knowledge gaps.

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Fundamentally, the willingness to share knowledge and experiences with others is one of the essential qualities of a good teacher. Teacher quality matters because it's the most crucial factor that influences a student's achievement. The modern society requires high-quality teaching and learning from teachers. The teaching staff has to possess a great deal of knowledge and skills so as to enhance student learning through the assessment practices to meet the standards of quality and education. Technically, the teacher's quality is a constant process that enhances teacher's training skills, expanding new capabilities. As a result, the training skill given to teachers helps to improve the scholar's learning. Students perform better in classes where the teachers have practical training. School with high trained teachers tends to be more useful in learning. Moreover, the schools which can enlist high-quality teacher's education program increase the possibility of being an active school.

The availability of parental trust between parents and teachers is a crucial element in building and maintaining the family-school relationship. Parents and teacher's relationship enables the sharing of responsibility for the adequate performance of the student. A healthy and harmonious environment with an enabling and flexible structure can help to enhance trust between the teachers and the parents. Through student achievement, parents and teachers can develop confidence and help the school to improve the schools the culture of parental involvement. Through parental involvement in schools, the number of absent students reduces, thereby facilitating active learning. Furthermore, the process restores the parent's confidence in their children's education. Students whose parents are involved in the school's decisions earn higher grades and have better social skills.

In order to implement the quality of the teaching in the classroom, guiding the scholars to be active learners rather than being spectators proves to help students learn. These can be done through student's cooperation, making students assess case studies, debates, and new ideas both while doing the lectures and home assignments. The quality of teachers can be implemented by empowering the students to be active while learning in the classroom. The students get to engage with the material, participating in the class. The teachers should also, therefore, look for ways to smoothen the independent, critical, and creative thinking by using active learning approaches. Introducing technology to the classroom can promote the teacher's quality by looking for new techniques that can be used to appeal to students. The teacher's quality can also be implemented through videos and research from the internet for online sources. Personalizing the learning experience for most scholars is also a way of achieving the quality of teachers because it meets the needs of each student.

Taking part in community projects and also working on sustainability agenda and healthy schools where the parents and guardians can help to develop the student's skills in areas where there are talented. As a result, it would help raise the aspiration of the parents and the children. By parenting, the schools can offer information and tools that help parents to understand their children's development, thereby creating a home that enables active learning. Volunteering is also a way of implementing trust and through the recruiting of the parents. The school can also be implemented through decision making where parents are involved in significant school's decisions in order to discuss and provide opportunities to students. Helping students learn at home can enable parents to be concerned since the teachers will inform the parents of class activity. As a result, the students get the help needed when the parents help them with their home assignments. The usage of social media to connect with parents thus providing ways of engaging the parents in the school's activity. Finally, hosting family night events whereby the student's family visits the school can build the teacher-parent bond needed to produce effective results for students. Bringing parents creates a sense of confidence to the students and also helps parents to check up on their children's education.

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