The New Pay Plan Essay Sample

Published: 2022-11-23
The New Pay Plan Essay Sample
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It is the expectation that after every job, an individual will receive a salary or a wage as compensation for the job that they have done. It is essential that the people in charge of disbursing the salaries have several considerations before giving out the wages. In most cases, the organizations pay according to the value that the people add to it. In the case where the contribution is small, then a small salary is given, and the vice versa is true. Another contributing attribute is the prevailing conditions that the enterprise is placed in. If for example, the profits are very high, then the workers deserve to be paid more because they are the ones who make the goals possible. In another instance, the demand for the services that the workers offer may be minimal which means that most of the time the workers have little to do. As a result, the management may decide that the salaries or wages that the people have be reduced. This paper is an analysis of a given case study and the means that the management decides to give salaries to its workers. The paper also analyses policies that the company has whether or not they are right.

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Question 1

At the point that the company is in, it is essential that it develops a formal salary structure. The structure should be determined by several factors among which will be discussed in this paper. To begin with, the company should consider the value that the workers add to it. If for example, a particular employee does a job that makes the company much profit, then they deserve to be paid more compared to one who does a less earning job. In addition to that, the company should consider the market situations before they decide the salary that the people get. In a situation when the demand is very high, and the business is thriving, then the workers deserve to be paid more. The Carter Company should consider the job that the people do because they add more value to it. In addition to that, the Carter Company should motivate its workers by giving them wages on this basis. In a case where all individuals are given an equal salary, the motivation to work harder is diminished (Teitjen & Myers, 1998).

Question 2

The Carter Company pays its worker 10% more than the prevailing conditions as a means to motivate them. Though the strategy gets its aim of motivating them and at the same time avoiding the employee loyalty, it is not sound. It reduces the total profit that the company makes. The company may find other methods of motivating its workers such as rewards at the end of every financial year. In addition to that, the company may pay the people according to the income that they make for it. In this way, the workers will be motivated to work harder, and when rewarded, they will be loyal to the company. Such policies will serve the same purpose as paying the 10% above other companies while still making the company bigger profits. It can be determined if the plan is right by evaluating the profit margins that the organization makes with and without the policy.

The plan to pay male workers 20% more than female workers is not fair. In the modern world, some women are in charge of taking care of families (Milner, 2019). The consideration that men work harder than women is a mere fallacy. How hard a person works does not depend on gender. It is therefore essential that the company pays the workers an equal wage rate. The policy promotes gender inequality.

Question 3

Jennifer should sensitize her father on the importance of having gender equality in the payment procedure. She should convince him of the essence of motivating the ladies who work for him otherwise his company will lose some of the female staff. In addition to that, Jennifer could suggest a motivation plan for ladies only instead of competing with men who are favored by her father.

The salary that a person gets determines a lot how they do their jobs. In cases where the individuals receive good salaries according to the jobs that they do, they are bound to be more hardworking. In addition to the salaries, the workers need motivation in their day to day activities. It gives the people the urge to remain loyal and hardworking thus leaping the company alloy of profits. It is essential to consider gender equality in the workplace to avoid a case where one gender is more prioritized than another. With the above conditions, the company is bound to make a profit as well as maintain the workers that it has without much of a struggle.


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Tietjen, M. A., & Myers, R. M. (1998). Motivation and job satisfaction. Management decision, 36(4), 226-231.

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