Free Essay Sample on Bullying at School

Published: 2022-03-11
Free Essay Sample on Bullying at School
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Despite the huge amount of resources and time that have been invested by various governmental, non-governmental, and private organizations, the menace of bullying at school has continued to bedevil most individuals. Bullying is a vice that has manifested itself in almost every aspect of this society and mostly in educational institutions. The rate at which the vice is being reported in schools is alarming. Students are no longer safe in their schools as bullying has been instilled into the school systems' cultures by the malicious people to who propagate the vice. The negative effects of bullying are very devastating to the victim causing severe harm. When bullying happens in schools, the victimized students are affected mentally, physically and further, their academic performances are affected.

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Bullying is the use of a superior position of strength or influence to intimidate someone. Bullying is used to make the victims do something that they are not willing, through an aggressive domination. Bullying can occur in many settings in the society; where family, economical and financial bullying are some of the common forms of bullying. Bullying can cause severe harm both physically and emotionally to the victim no matter the type of bullying that they are subjected to. Bullying can also occur in various places and take different forms. Bullying can take the form of a group of people who are dominant aggressively bullying another weak group.

School bullying is the type of bullying that occurs in an education institution setting and makes the victims to be suppressed academically and emotionally. The effects of bullying in high schools are devastating to the teenagers' students and current studies show that the number of bullying in schools is increasing on a daily basis. Various schools have tried to up measures to curb the bullying but the efforts have not borne any fruits because the vice is still being practiced.

Physical health is one of the most affected when a student is bullied. This occurs when physical harm is incorporated in bullying. In that context, the student is beaten and sustains serious injuries. Physical beating or harassment that may cause bodily harm is involved when the student is being bullied. Some harassment form involves making the victim get involved in some things that are very harmful to the physical health. Signs that suggest that a student has been bullied and their physical health has been affected include changes in sleep patterns, decreased appetite, and loss of interest in the day to day activities. If these signs are evident in a student, quick actions should be taken.

Mental health is also affected by bullying in schools. Students who are victims of this vice find themselves mentally detached and depressed. These are mostly due to the trauma that they underwent when being bullied. The cognitive effect of bullying can be permanent or for just a short period of time. However, the effect of this on the victim is anxiety, low self-esteem, and depression. Cyber-bullying is the most common form of bullying here. In this context, the student is humiliated and harassed through the social media.

Another effect of bullying on students is the effect of the victim's academic performance. As a result, the victim does not concentrate on studies when he or she undergoes bulling. The victim's studies are negatively affected and the performance drops drastically if the bullying issue is not solved immediately.

It is, therefore, evident that the vice of bullying is evident in schools and it is affecting the students. The most affected areas in the bullying victim are the mental health, physical health, and academic performance. Cyber-bullying in the recent past has skyrocketed to very alarming rates due to the increased use of social media networks where malicious people are using use the various platforms to harass their victims. The clarion call is now for everyone to fight and prevent any form of bullying and report such cases through any channels available.

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