Admission Essay Sample: Management of Information System and Digital Innovation

Published: 2022-09-28
Admission Essay Sample: Management of Information System and Digital Innovation
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From my childhood, I have always had a passion for technology and innovations. When I came across my first mobile phone, I was fascinated by the magic and how it operates. Since then I have been asking myself what I can do to transform the telecommunication industry. Communication is important to me because it connects us to our families, friends, and relatives. Furthermore, through communication technology, it is easy to research and interact with the outside world. Communication technology has turned the world into a village. This prompted me to investigate and develop an interest in the telecommunication field. Additionally, the communication industry has evolved from smoke signals to the telephones, and currently, we have mobile phones. Through internet access, we can always connect with the world. Therefore, I have a dream of contributing to the expansion of the industry. The goal is to make the communication easily accessible and faster to use. The Management of Information System and Digital Innovation is essential in achieving this goal and objectives.

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The study of Management of Information System and Digital Innovation has evolved over the years. Initially, the study was confined to the technological development of new products and production processes (Fichman et al. 2014). The study and the management of innovation dynamics are still in its infancy. Researchers continue to focus on single innovation events and further relies on a cross-sectional set-up for empirical study. Moreover, the dynamic nature of the universe warrants for more technological advancements (Yoo 2010). This has prompted the growth of the Management of Information System and Digital Innovation. I have a desire to contribute to the literature and lead in innovations that will help transform the world's communication industry (Yoo et al. 2013). My research interests include wireless communication, VANET's, 5G mobile communication, device-2-device communication, nanotechnology. These research areas of interests are mainly related to mobile communication because I believe that the industry is dynamic and though there are some innovations in the area, there still exists a wide gap. The mobile communication industry can be transformed if adequate research is performed in these areas.

In lieu of a formal introduction of my research aspirations and interests, I offer a summary of my MSc dissertation at the London College of Business Management and Information Technology, London, United Kingdom. This venture into serious telecommunication technology affirmed my passion for Management of Information System and Digital Innovation. Furthermore, it has provided me with the required confidence to contribute to the literature and to develop innovations that are modern and can lead to the growth of the industry. Though I would like to contribute to other fields of the course, I have decided to focus on five areas of interests which are interrelated. The areas include wireless communication, VANET's, nanotechnology, device-2-device communication, and 5G mobile communication (Fichman et al. 2014). These areas excite me because they are closely related and all contribute to the growth of the telecommunication industry. Additionally, they have mainly focused on mobile telecommunication an area of interest because of the opportunities available in the industry. Through my MSc dissertation, I envisioned to develop an idea that improves the call drops which results when dedicated resources are completely occupied while other links are free to use (Yoo 2010). Through this process, I was able to work on how to utilize the spare links in a bid to improve the network performance with existing network resources and topologies. The process is subject to research and can assist wireless technologies. The process can further lead in how the network responds to the changes in a network. Therefore, the process can detect link failures and methods that can increase or decrease end to end delay.

I believe a chance at your institution will provide me with the required space and atmosphere to accomplish my goal. The school has an outstanding faculty and interdisciplinary approach to Management of Information System and Digital Innovation. The faculty of the school has Professor Chrisanthi Avgerou and Dr. Antonio Cordella who are some of the greatest minds in the industry. I have been able to read their numerous books and journals, and I believe that a chance at your school will provide me a chance to expand my knowledge in the industry. The opportunity will also enable me to interact and learn from the best in the field. The school will further enable me to network with other professionals, and we can change ideas that can lead to the growth of the industry and innovations.

The institution provides an ideal climate for me to develop my interests. The competency of the institutions and the alumni from the school is a clear indication that it is the right place for me. Additionally, the cross-disciplinary nature of the institution's program would foster discussions with other departments leading to broadening and enriching my research skills. The school further offers a perfect opportunity for me to specialize in my five areas of interests. I am a dynamic individual who welcomes change and criticism. Therefore, I believe completing my Management of Information System and Digital Innovation at the institution will allow me to achieve my dream of contributing to the literature and the development of telecommunication.

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