Paper Sample on Research Needs

Published: 2024-01-01
Paper Sample on Research Needs
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The definition of falsification by Popper is having a theory or an experiment that can be proven wrong. Providing the approach wrong means that the investigation is not correct. The first report submitted by the professor was false after doing internal research. The case would not have many disagreements. It is clear to see that the evidence that the professions provided did not match the required. It is direct and self-explanatory that people can report, but if one research proves that the information is not correct, they reject it (Hou 2019). The information that many people depend on must be transparent and authentic. Popper’s concept of falsification can help disapprove many theories and experiments in our modern world. It should be that people do have an alternative and not always take the available options.

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Kuhn Example

Thomas Kuhn argued that science does not evolve gradually towards truth, and it is a paradigm that remains constant before going through a paradigm shift. Although not all that explains the phenomenon of the actual truth, there are many theories in the world. As time progresses by there will be new developing theories that will emerge. For instance, the Lamarckian evolution was eventually replaced with Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection. A Covid-19 scenario where there have been many theories that have evolved based on the origin of the disease. The change, even in this case, is not at once. It is a process that scientists have to follow.

A paradigm shift occurs maybe once in a generation where philosophers try and find the root cause of the incidence. Unlike the COVID-19, which came and affected the entire globe, across economies, across populations, and across industries, it created a profound realignment. They are related as the disease has been linked to the 5G network’s discovery. Others claim that it escaped from a Chinese laboratory; others believe that it was created as a biological weapon and many more theories (Khatoon 2020). The application of concepts in our lives is essential because showing the classwork is workable out there. It is important to have a concept that people can apply. It makes it possible to prove the theories wrong or right, which is very important in many research types.

Scientific Research

The author would probably agree to it since all theories are just scientific research done, which leads to the truth. The exact truth might never be proven based on sciences, according to Thomas Kuhn. The argument may revolve on the scientific theories and try to incorporate facts into their explanation. One might think the authors would agree to disagree that most of the theories can never be based on science on other factors (Khatoon 2020). It has killed a lot of people, and up to date, no cure has been found to stop the pandemic regardless of the theories. The authors would surely agree that science does not truly evolve around the truth at times. Although not even one that has stand out to explain the root cause of the disease, many theories have been produced.


The two concepts are fundamental in our lives. It is right an excellent understanding of all the concepts element before the discussion. Popper and Kuhn explain a superb idea which people can apply in day to day activities. The impact that some of these concepts have on our lives is enormous. Falsification can help make judgments. If a project can be proven wrong, then it cannot be correct again. The Kuhn concept explains that the process of change is gradual. It provides room to change an exiting theory if the newer idea is better. It happens in our lives. People do not cling to the old methods of doing things anymore. It sums up to the definition, and having a good example to support the case is okay.


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