Free Essay - The Mona Lisa

Published: 2023-08-30
Free Essay - The Mona Lisa
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The Mona Lisa is a well-known painting masterpiece created by Leonardo Da Vinci. It is considered an Italian archetype and it was created around the year 1503 – 1506. The painting is considered by an Italian noblewoman known as Lisa Gherardini who was the wife to Francesco del Giocondo, and The medium is in oil on a white poplar panel. The painting is believed to be painted between the years 1503 and 1506. It was later acquired by the King of Francis before 1513.

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How Learning About Work Will Help One's Life and Career

Personal Confidence and Skills

Art tends to rely mostly on self-expression. When an artist displays one's artwork, one is usually exposed to judgment, and thus, one is called upon to defend the art and also avoid criticism (Ball, 2017). When the artist undergoes judgment and scrutiny, one tends to improve on communication skills, one's confidence, and also expression.

Concentration Skills

Modern society tends to have many distractions that demand one to multitask. For one to create a work of art, one needs a considerable amount of focus and also concentration. Art acts as a teaching method for one to learn how to concentrate fully in order to achieve something great.

Meaning of the Work

Mona Lisa resembles the Virgin Mary and womanhood (Ball, 2017). The woman sits upright and arms folded, to how that one is relaxed. In this portrait, Leonardo da Vinci was the first artist to point it in an aerial view angle and that when one view Mona Lisa smile directly, it disappears, also known as "foveal." Leonardo da Vinci art is more recognized around the world and that it is a masterpiece that has survived 500 years.

How Art Influences One

Art tends to influence one since it brings about; changing of options, instilling of core values, and also translating experiences ("Leonardo da Vinci and the technical design," 2020). Art tends to affect someone positively.


Art allows one to encourage diversity since one will be able to communicate with persons from different walks of life and that one will readily embrace another person's culture (Krivtsun, 2018). Art can also bring about social change since it inspires one to do the right thing and avoid engaging in gang-related activities that could be a danger to the person or even society.


Art tends to be beneficial to the artist since one can easily earn income and refer to the artwork as one's job (Krivtsun, 2018). It gives oneself – expression and also fulfillment. One will also be able to manage, distribute, and offer employment to the other artists.

Human Brain

Art seems to correlates well with the human brain. Art tends to have positive impacts on the human brain and thus leads to the healing process and also reduces stress (Krivtsun, 2018). Researches conducted by scientists seem to uncover that art has a psychological effect on one's brain.

Effect of Art on a Career and Personal Life

Decision Making

Art tends to strengthen and improve one` s problem solving and critical thinking skills. It will make one make tough choices and decisions throughout one's life.

Clear Mindset and Perseverance

One will develop a clear mindset and thus develop new skills that can be used to manage tough projects (Gam et al., 2016). It strengthens one, and thus one cannot quit but improve on ways on how to improve the artwork skills.


Art makes one accountable for the art contributions one makes. It teaches the artist that mistakes are part of one's life and that people should learn how to take into accountability the mistake one does and fix it.


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