Essay Example - Education Foundation

Published: 2023-11-28
Essay Example - Education Foundation
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As a woman from India, I have over the years managed to gain a considerable education foundation that has presented an opportunity to become a better person. I have taken studies in chemistry and geography with a master's degree in Geography & GISc obtained from the University of North Dakota. The learning process presents a significant chance to get a deeper understanding of the geographical field concepts. While studying at the University of Baroda, India, I earned a master’s degree in Applied Chemistry. I managed to get a detailed understanding of the theories and principles in chemistry that help in answering questions on various real-world problems. Through this course, I combined engineering and chemistry in addition to learning the various chemistry aspects that include corrosion science, nanomaterials, analytical chemistry, and spectrometry.

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The desire to acquire knowledge on environmental matters led to the coverage of environmental contamination matters and toxicology. In the learning process, I got to undertake a thesis with the title "Studies of Surface Activity of Mixed Surfactant Systems,” and the research process widened my knowledge on the topic. Part of the education foundation that I have managed to achieve over the years including acting as a tutor at the University of North Dakota. I was part of the Retention-Recruitment of American Indians in Nursing (RAIN) program, and I managed to train students in the chemistry, and biology field enabling them to raise their academic performances. When pursuing a master’s degree in Geography & GISc, I took the initiative of training students, and this provided a great chance to have a better understanding of the Geography & GISc concepts, for I managed to have a way of passing the knowledge gained to others. In addition to the education gained in the various universities around the world, I also received training as an entrepreneur. The move has presented a great opportunity to widen the scope of understanding on matters of business to add to the chemistry and geography course I have trained in the various colleges. I have served the visually impaired as a volunteer writer, and the move has presented a significant chance to understand society and give back to the community that has supported my growth and development on life.


As a researcher, I am determined to ensure that I play a significant role in the development of solutions that will help in alleviating the different problems that are affecting the Indian people and the world in general. In India, children’s education is not mandatory, and this is an issue that is making this community lag behind, considering that education plays a critical role in societal development and growth. I have worked hard towards making sure that the grass-root movement is realized in the education research field, for I believe that this is the major platform upon which the world can be made better. I have been involved in large data analysis programs, interdisciplinary fields of the education foundation, and geographical science studies. I know that research in interdisciplinary fields will be a significant step in the growth and development of my career.

I have devoted a lot of resources to research, and this is why I have even decided to participate in tutoring programs. Learning in the classroom setting is one issue, but applying it is the most significant thing for finding solutions to the different problems in society. Therefore, through the training process, I manage to understand the problems that trainers and students experience in the learning process, and I can manage to find better ways of passing knowledge. The teaching programs acts as a research procedure for I manage to know the activities that I can undertake to enable the students to have a high retention rate of the concepts taught in the classrooms. Since childhood, one of the significant issues that I desire to realize is playing a role in the constructive development that should be directed towards the interdisciplinary field of education for this will benefit the community. The goals that I have set to achieve can only be achieved by engaging in an intensive research process, and that is why I have devoted much of the time available towards seeking solutions to world problems. I have worked in the Combustion Gasification and Propulsion Laboratory (CGPL) as a research assistant in Bangalore, India, and this enabled me to make a maters presentation on “Tubular Polymers."

Health Education

When engaging in the health education process, I have managed to know the principles that are followed by individuals as they seek to learn the way to behave towards the maintenance and promotion of health. In the course of the learning process, I managed to work as a volunteer in the Grand Forks school, and this is a move that enabled the local kids to improve on their talent and artwork. The promotion of health incorporates making people happy and ensuring that they are living peacefully. While working in the Chico’s Store, I got an opportunity to offer quality services, and this created a conducive working environment for the various stakeholders visiting the store. In 2007-2010, I worked as a public health intern in the University of North Dakota, and I ensured that the public data provided was accurate and would be relied upon when making medical and health decisions. Health education incorporates undertaking the various mechanisms involved when offering treatment services and ensuring that the public is safe from any ailment. I have completed a training course on masters in Applied Chemistry and public health, and the knowledge gained will be significant towards the promotion of health activities. Currently, I have the desire to enrol for the Ph.D. in Education and Foundation Research Department, and this will provide a platform to gain more skills on the way to manage health matters and handle the plight of societal issues.


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