Free Essay on the Intelligence Community and Security Control

Published: 2022-06-08
Free Essay on the Intelligence Community and Security Control
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The city I represent and some of the major problems that I am confronted

I represent Green Bay, WI. The main problems that I am confronted with include possession of drugs, issuing of worthless checks, domestic abuse, neglecting children, probation violation, and child abuse. These are some of the significant problems that are affecting our local police, and the staff is doing their best to ensure that the crime rates reduce. Possession of drugs is the main problem that most of the offenders are found with because it earns a lot of income.

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The capabilities of the intelligence community

The intelligence community has the capability of supporting military operations to get information on views, the participation of the other countries in a specific conflict, or supporting the deployed forces. For instance, in March 1882, "the first permanent intelligence organization-the Office of Naval Intelligence-was created within the Department of the Navy to collect intelligence on foreign navies in peacetime and war" (Federation of American Scientists, 1996). After three years, a similar organization in the Military Intelligence Division was established to assist in collecting domestic and foreign military information for the Army and War Department.

The intelligence community has the capability of providing different cyber services. They include data services, decision services, digital forensics, and credit card fraud detection. Furthermore, it can easily detect the performance management and financial reporting of an organization. The services it provides can detect if some of the employees of an organization are practicing fraud. Therefore, if such cases are provided, then our local police can use the equipment it has to know the sources of the problems. However, "Managers and analysts throughout the Intelligence Community have repeatedly expressed frustration with their inability to carve out time for long-term research and thinking." The intelligent community can offer cloud services that include Federal Information Security Management Act Expertise and secure cloud solutions" (Heidenrich, 2008).

Intelligence Community can also offer biometrics services. There have been different cases of fraud in Green Bay. The services include business intelligence, project management, and business intelligence. Furthermore, the Intelligence Community (IC) can offer systems engineering that entails independent verification, systems integration, training, information assurance, and deployment services (CIA, 2008). The program management activities provided by IC include acquisition management, portfolio management, Advanced Concept Technology Demonstrations, and financial analysis. These services give the police officers easy time when they are tracking some information. Therefore, the IC has different capabilities which are very helpful to me as a Terrorism Liaison Officer (TLO) at the local police.

The three problems on which I can expect assistance from the IC and 3 I will not.

The problems which I expect assistance from the IC

  1. Possession of drugs
  2. Issuing of worthless checks
  3. Probation violation

The issues that I do not expect support from IC

  1. Domestic abuse
  2. Child abuse
  3. Neglecting children

The information I am likely to receive for the above issues

On the issue of possession of drugs, the information I can collect include photos that the victim had drugs, DNA samples, fingerprints, and skin and oral swabs. The other things that can be needed include consent of taking urine, pubic hair, semen, blood, or impressions of the victim's teeth.For drug issues, "Executive Order 11,905 expressly prohibited such activities as "political assassination" and "experimentation with drugs on human subjects" without informed consent" (Chesney, 2012). However, for issuing of worthless checks, only the copies of the fake checks are needed. The information that can be received from probation violation include not appearing on a scheduled court appearance, not reporting to the probation officer at the scheduled date, and not paying the required fines. Additionally, other evidence includes using, selling or possessing illegal drugs and being arrested for another offense.

The offended person must provide evidence that indeed there was evidence of domestic violence. The evidence might include battering of a spouse, direct insult of family members, mistreatment of children, and domestic homicide. On the issue of child abuse, the information needed include sexual assaults, neglect of children, and sexual assaults. Additionally, the information needed for neglecting children include failure to provide the child with basic needs, medical neglect, emotional neglect (not giving encouragement and emotional security), and educational neglect. These issues make the child have difficulty when growing up.

The limitations on who will have access to the information, and why security control is important

Some of the police officers who might have access to the information may interfere with them. The other challenge geocoding which is the process in which the address is converted to a set of spatial coordinates. The process makes it difficult for a Terrorism Liason Officer to get the people who have been charged with different offenses such as being in possession of drugs. In most cases, only a few cases are correctly geocoded. Recording the precise timing of a scene is another challenge since there is uncertainty over when it truly occurred. Finding if one has neglected the child is also difficult because when he or she visits there is no evidence. Most offenders such us drug sellers do try to do away with the evidence of the crimes they committed which makes it difficult to access information.

There are different security controls, and all of them are important. For instance, patching is applied in operating systems of an organization. All the layers used by a firm should be a patch to secure the organization's information. Firewalls also help an organization to protect its computers from being attached through the internet, and it should regularly be applied. Passwords have also remained a significant rule in controlling security. In every organization, it is essential to ensure that the shared administrator accounts have proper protection. Protocols is also a critical security control, and all protocol should be secured by default. Only secure protocols should be used to protect data, and transmission protocols such as TELNET and FTP should be avoided.

How the capabilities of the IC are related to the national focus on the Cold War

The capabilities of IC are related to the national focus on the cold war in that it supports the different military operations that were conducted during the cold war. The other event that takes place during that time is, "institutional convergence between the leading military and Intelligence Community entities that engage in computer network operations" (Chesney, 2012)The spy cases that were experienced with IC resulted in various change recommendations in security and counterintelligence. The IC also had the capability of coordinating and reviewing intelligence during the cold war. Therefore, "The Intelligence Community, for its part, has long had perhaps the premier cyber capacities in the world in the hands of the NSA" (Federation of American Scientists,1996).

Two gaps in my needs that I can advocate the IC

  1. Lack of information
  2. Poor Intelligence network


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