Essay Sample on The Importance of Reading

Published: 2023-08-21
Essay Sample on The Importance of Reading
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Specific Purpose: The purpose of this speech is to inform my audience about the importance of reading

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Central idea: I will elaborate more on the challenges people face while reading, the causes, and the possible solutions


Attention: Reading and success go hand in hand in every society. The ability of one to read is highly essential, and values for economic and social development. It is a fact that children lead to enable them to understand reasonably. According to Wildfong (2014), in ‘Teaching Children with Dyslexia, ' America’s educational career is imperiled because most children don’t read well to meet the demands and understand the competitive economy. Mckoon (2014), in the article ‘PsycEXTRA Dataset,' added that the difficulties of reading came from the high requirements of literacy and not the decreasing levels of literacy. In technological societies, gaining knowledge has a high demand because of scholarship, and this has been increasing. However, grievous consequences are caused by those that are unable.

Topic: My topic today is about the value of reading. People say that education is power, and this is seen in societies.

Credibility: everyone at some point begins by learning, and this becomes effective when we read. Since I was young to now, I have been reading, which is why I am studying communications. I am qualified because if I never read books, I would not be able to finish this assignment.

Preview: In this speech, I will discuss three things: the first thing will be the problem of why many people or children are unable to read to a satisfactory level. The second step will be the reason why this nature takes place, and the third one is the solution and why it is essential to read.


First, I will talk about the challenges people (or children) that are unable to be ready satisfactorily. As discussed by Desmarais (2016) in the journal ‘The Deakin Review of Children's Literature,’ many people don’t read literature because of excuses.

A few people claim that when they read a book through electronic gadgets, their eyes are hurt, which discourages them from buying the physical book.

A few people claim they are exhausted when they come from work.

Some claim that reading books is not their personality, and so some read it for the sake.

Thompkins and Binder (2003), in the article ‘Reading Research Quarterly’, adults worry that their children are not reading enough and feel that they are wasting time in the current world.

Children that want to remain in the middle class go through economic and social pressure to excel, and this makes them change their reading habits.

Most children never read with pleasure, but pressure from both parents and friends.

(Transition: Since we have discussed the problem of reading efficiently, this second part will highlight the reason why people are unable to unable)

In my second part will elaborate more on the causes that make people not read effectively. According to Stevenson (2007), in the article ‘Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books,’ people think that those who don't read books are forgotten and lost in a desolate area but are within others. The study showed that people hate reading and books in general. The real cause is the insufficiency of being exposed to reading materials. Various reasons also make people dislike reading books.

Most people are unable to read because they have poor reading skills that do not allow them to absorb new information and knowledge at a satisfactory pace.

Most people, including children, are distracted easily and often, which makes it hard for them to delve into any books because they get lost in ideas and images that come into their heads.

A few people are anxious or have too much stress that reading becomes frustrating and stressful.

(Transition: Since we now know the reasons many cannot read, we will look at the possible solutions and the importance of reading)

In my third and last point, I will give solutions while sensitizing the importance of reading books. Sweeney (2010) in the journal ‘Reading Is My Window,’ advises that whether someone is reading a nonfiction or fiction book, they should enjoy doing that. Friends may also suggest a book that they find interesting to make the other person get the interest of reading.

Reading should not be a task but a habit that will help someone. If someone is reading a book and feels tired they should stop and read it later

Never set a deadline for completing reading the book because it is not urgent.

When people read they gain more knowledge on things around them

Reading books makes people healthy because they are aware of the ways of taking care of themselves.


Prepared Audience: In conclusion, I have elaborated more on the topic of the importance of reading.

Summary: My focus today is to focus on the problems faced by individuals or children that are unable to read efficiently. Second, I talked about the reasons that make people unable to read. And my last point focused more on the solutions and the importance of reading.

Provider Closure: Why do we read books? I believe we all know why we read books. Magazines happen to be the backbone of our future. Without understanding, we will become illiterate, which is why reading is essential if we want to see a brighter future.


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