Experience With Pain - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-12-12
Experience With Pain - Essay Sample
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Pain is always a daunting experience that is unpleasant and not easy to deal with. Many people struggle with physical and social discomfort in terms of unpleasant sensations that trigger pain, emotional reactions to pain, such as anger and fear, and the thought that the pain will never go away. Most of the time, the perception that people have about their physiological or mental conditions that trigger pain significantly influences how they feel about it. An effective response to pain demands pain medication and positive psychological orientation that would lead to better stress management and positive thinking critical in limiting pain and fastening the recovery process.

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Pain That I Have Experienced

One of the painful experiences that I have encountered is a dislocated shoulder. I had fallen due to a slippery floor leading to a partial dislocation of the upper arm bone from the left shoulder socket. Suddenly I was unable to move my left arm, and I felt in intense pain. A small movement in my arm and neck intensified the pain. Fortunately, my parents were home, and they called for an ambulance.

Upon arrival at the hospital, I was given metaxalone, a muscle relaxant that relieves muscle spasms through sedative effects. The doctor inspected the affected area, followed by an X-ray to determine any broken bone or damage. After establishing that there were no broken bones, the doctor did some gentle maneuvers to relocate the bone in its right position. The arm was then immobilized through a special sling for about ten days. I encountered numerous episodes of pain, ranging from mild to severe in the process of recovery. The doctor also prescribed pain relievers, such as ibuprofen and naproxen sodium. Some non-pharmacological remedies that I used include resting the shoulder, applying ice, and some gentle exercises to quicken recovery.

The Response

The people around me, including parents, siblings, and friends, understood the pain that I was experiencing and gave me the support needed to hasten my recovery process. They were always around me telling stories and making fun, which helped me overcome the thought concerning my situation and the imminent pain. They assisted me with anything that I needed to do and ensured that my movement was limited to avoid further injury cases. My parents blamed themselves for my fall and were a bit anxious about my condition. My friends and I assured them that I would be okay. With such support, I felt normal and easy to overcome pain episodes.


From my pain experience, I realized that caregivers’ emotions, behaviors, and actions play a critical role in managing pain experiences. As a caregiver, it is important to take more responsibility towards providing the necessary physical and emotional support that the patient needs to manage pain. I also find it essential to consider the people around the patient as vital participants in pain management. It is important to make them understand that their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can lead to pain reduction or intensification. For instance, from my experience, patients who feel isolated and unsupported are more likely to be concerned and stressed about their pain, making it difficult for the pain to vanish.


Thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of the people around a patient experiencing pain are critical in modeling psychological orientation helpful in managing pain. When people around a hurting patient appear less emotional, more jovial, responsive, and supportive, the patient shall see a greater hope for relief, which accelerates recovery. On the contrary, a patient surrounded by emotional people who show signs of depression and isolate themselves from the patient is likely to experience exacerbated pain episodes.

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