Essay Sample on the Impact on the Children of Syrian Refugee Crisis

Published: 2019-07-19
Essay Sample on the Impact on the Children of Syrian Refugee Crisis
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The Syrian conflict has had an impact on the pollution of the Syrian people. However, the ones that are hardest hit by the results of the conflict are the Syrian children. The children of Syria consist of close to half the population of Syria. Therefore, addressing the problem at hand would ensure that the key impacts that are experienced by these children are mitigated. Some of the impacts include the breaking up of families. The children are also exposed to situations that leave them scared. This is a position that no child has to experience. The children are also often isolated, have to work for money and food, and do not have access to education. The children are also facing possible statelessness as a result of having to move from their country abruptly without proper records of their nationality. Arguing out these impacts from the different held positions will provide a deeper understanding of the crisis and the experience of the children involved.

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One of the key impacts of the Syrian conflict is that there are broken families. The fracturing of families comes about as a result of the families having to leave their homes I an abrupt fashion. The routes that these families have to use in order to get out of the country are often rigged with several stumbling blocks (Zetter, Roger, and Heloise 7). For instance, the families may meet with different factions along the way. They may also walk into battles that may end up having them as the casualties of a war that they are not involved in any way. The result of such situations is almost always a random scamper for safety. The fracturing of a family will often be the result. The fracturing of families will often result in the missing of family members or having to live without one of the parents. The more often missing family members are the male members who are considered strong and able to handle the different challenges of war. The crisis has also been found to force the family unit out of what they had comfortably called their home for a long time. While many may argue that this has little or no effect on children, the physiological issues that are initiated in the childs mind will take a long time to manifest themselves.

The second more common form of impact on the children of Syria is that they are scared. This can be determined through the drawings that the children are making on a consistent basis. These drawings are depicting that the children are experiencing situations that individuals of their age should not have to undergo. The reason some of these children are scared is because they have been physically hurt by the war (James and Leah 43). Others are scared because of the fracturing of their families. The children are also scared because of the distress they have to undergo in the process of the rapid changing of their environment. The result of this experience is that the children will have to undergo psychological counseling before they can continue with their lives without adverse effects (James and Leah 42). However, it has been argued by radical analysts that the experience s of such difficult environments have often resulted in the development of resilient individuals. While this could be true, the choice of experiencing such a situation has been taken away from the children. As a result, the children are having a more difficult childhood that may rob off their right to either accept or refute the aid circumstances.

The children also have to experience isolation at a young age. Human beings have a tendency to crave the companionship of other human beings. However, some of the children in the Syria conflict have to move from their homeland on their own because they do not have any form of family close to them. Most of such children are orphans or abandoned by their families. Some of the children have also been recruited into the fighting factions of the war. The isolation of the children from a family setting and later their introduction to war is serving them a negative impact (Jabbar, Sinaria, and Haidar 1507). The children of Syria have to handle being alone at a very young age. Since most of the children cannot provide for themselves, the isolation is resulting into unorthodox measures by the children so that they can have the life they want. The isolation is also leading to young children missing out on key life skills from the adults who once raised them. It has been argued that the isolation resulting from the conflict is reducing the social skills of the children (Jabbar, Sinaria, and Haidar 1519). This would in turn result in a higher chance of the children becoming dissidents in the future.

As pointed out earlier, the children of Syria are getting isolated at a very young age. The result of this isolation is that the children will have to provide for themselves. This in turn results in the children having to work for their own sustenance (Jabbar, Sinaria, and Haidar 1521). One of the impacts of children having to work for their sustenance is that they will probably participate in the war. Some of the female children get introduced to prostitution at a very young age. It has also been determined that the children will be misused and lowly paid by their employer while working to earn a living (Jabbar, Sinaria, and Haidar 1524). The children of Syria are therefore left in a position whereby all they earn is for food and clothing. This is seen as an impediment to any form of growth among the children. Not only does this rob the children off of their childhood, but also their innocence. Therefore, it becomes impossible for the children to identify the ways in which they can handle their emotions and feelings that are often driving them to act without self consideration or using common sense. The result is also that the children themselves will become low paid workers in the future, individuals who will depend on those who lead them to provide for them too.

The children who are finding themselves in a position whereby they will have to work for their sustenance are also having a hard time getting a reliable education. The refugee crisis is resulting in the children of the Syrian refugee crisis having to leave their homes and moving to new countries (Zetter, Roger, and Heloise 10). These countries usually do not have a means of allowing these children into their education systems. The children are also faced by a situation whereby they do not have to go to class. Some of the humanitarian organizations located at the camps with the children are attempting to provide the children with the minimal form of education. However, due to a lack of supervision, the children do not have anything or anyone pushing them to attain an education. As a result of this experience, the children have to grow up without a proper education (Zetter, Roger, and Heloise 7). This will in turn result in the children having a difficult adulthood. They will have a hard time getting employment. Having had such a traumatic experience as children, they would probably delve into violence which would in turn reduce their chances of living a long life.

The final impact of the Syrian conflict on Syrian children is a high possibility of having to undergo the experience of being stateless. This means that the children would have no identification documents that would prove that they are Syrian. This results in the case of children because they are more likely to obtain an adult age while in foreign countries. Having accessed these countries through means that may not be considered as legal, the Syrian children are bound to find themselves in a position whereby getting a legal document such as an identification card would be difficult (Zetter, Roger, and Heloise 9). Most of the children have also lost any form of legal documents that would show that they are Syrian. Some of the children have also been born in the new countries and therefore lack the means to obtain the documents that would provide them with citizenship in the new countries. The process of obtaining citizenship in most of these countries include that the individual in question needs to have local parents who can corroborate this information. This leaves these children in a stateless situation.

The situation in Syria has clearly put the children of Syria in a position that has disadvantaged them. The impact on these children is slowly robbing them off of their childhood. It is also positioning these children for a bleak future. However, if the surrounding countries as well as the nonprofit organizations involved in the rescuing of the children were to work together, the impacts can be mitigated. This would ensure that fewer families would be fractured, fewer children would have to live their lives scared, and no children would have o be isolated from the rest of humanity. Addressing the Syrian problem would also ensure that the children receive quality education instead of having to work the fields for their livelihood. This would also result in the children obtaining legal state recognition and thus streamlining their futures.

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