Children's Oral Health and Nutrition Essay Sample

Published: 2022-07-07
Children's Oral Health and Nutrition Essay Sample
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A cavity refers to the hole that develops during tooth decay. While cavities are common in both adults and children, this paper intends to focus on children since unlike adults, children are more predisposed to tooth decay and related risks. Moreover, it is plaque's formation which results in tooth decay, hence the reason why it is crucial to find the right means of removing the plaque from the tooth. Arguably, balanced diet and proper hygiene are one of suitable means of ensuring that children do not develop cavities.

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The Application of Balanced Diet and Good Hygiene in Preventing Cavities in Children

First, oral hygiene is essential in the fight against cavities in children since it ensures that they brush their tooth to remove the plaque. It is important to note that it is the plaque which leads to tooth decay, hence the reason why people must find the right means for removing the substance from the tooth (Fife 37). Nonetheless, it is essential to note that the plaque forms on the tooth after several hours, thus implying that children are supposed to brush their tooth twice a day to overcome plaque's formation. Additionally, proper hygiene like tooth brushing is also crucial in the fight against cavities in children since the toothpaste contains fluoride which fights the plaque to ensure that they do not suffer from tooth decay.

Second, eating a balanced diet will also ensure that children can overcome the cavity issue. The previous analysis indicates that it is the plaque which influences tooth decay, and there are specific food materials which affect plaque's formation. For instance, it is common for dentists to warn their patients against too much sugar consumption since it is one of the leading factors that cause plaque's formation (Lin 9). Therefore, parents should take charge to ensure that children only consume healthy food materials like fruits which have natural sugar, since that is the only means of achieving the fight against cavities in children through proper nutrition. Arguably, limiting the amount of sugar consumed by these youngsters will also restrict the plaque's formation rate, hence resulting in a healthy tooth. Nonetheless, it is common for children to chew gums or any other types of snacks, but they can also use the sugarless gum which limits plaque's formation chances.

Third, using mouth rinse is part of good hygiene and will ensure that the fight against cavities in children is successful. While the preceding analysis indicates that brushing one's tooth ensures that they remove the plaque, the truth is that one only stands a better chance of overcoming the cavities if they also include the application of mouth rinse which has antimicrobial (Nagel 67). It is advisable that children should always rinse their mouths after brushing or eating to ensure that they entirely remove the plaque which causes tooth decay.

In brief, the paper has provided a detailed analysis regarding cavities which result from tooth decay, and the possible means of ensuring that children do not suffer from these holes. Arguably, there are chances that children will no longer suffer from cavities when they are involved in proper oral nutrition and nutrition. For instance, the paper indicates that plaque is the one which causes tooth decay, but it is possible to prevent it through brushing. The application of toothpaste which contains fluoride ensures that the plaque's formation chances remain limited. Moreover, parents must also provide their children with the right eating habits to avoid tooth decay which might result in cavities.

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