Free Example of a Counselor Reference Letter

Published: 2019-06-06
Free Example of a Counselor Reference Letter
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I am writing this counselor reference letter at the request of Gustavo, who studies at an international school in Shanghai and is in need of financial aid. Gustavo is a wonderful Brazilian, who has excellent grades and predicted 40+ points in his IB. He has taken rigorous courses like HL math and physics and has shown grit and resiliency by losing one year by having to return to Brazil and the back to Shanghai where he was forced to repeat a year. Normally, that would have been hard onanyone but Gustavo handled the experience well.

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Gustavo has displayed great motivation this year and made substantial progress in getting a deeper understanding of the topics we have studied. His essay writing skills have improved, and he has excelled in several presentations over the weeks. He is confident and has an impressive originality with presentation styles. When it comes to role-playing activity, he appears to have a natural flair for the type of activity. Furthermore, his dedication is shown by his attendance of an additional Higher Level lesson every week while aiming to succeed at IB level.

Gustavo has a naturally gregarious and generous personality, whichis reflected in the working relationship he has with his fellow students. He has a positive attitude towards setbacks and is commendable due to being receptive to the advice I have given him about improving the standard of his written work. He has demonstrated the willingness to take intellectual risks and go beyond the typical classroom experience. The step he has taken in giving up one of his free periods to attend the higher learning class shows his dedication towards passing at this level. He brings a spark to class to the classroom, and his sense of humor and enthusiasm has contributed towards having a productive and classroom environment. When he joined the class, he changed the entire class dynamic and has been generous in sharing the benefits of his experience in having retaken a year at his IB level.

He has been part of the volleyball team his 9th year in the school and attained the rank of captain. Leading the volleyball team has taught him how to stabilize teams during times of stress. Being part of the school volleyball team forced him to communicate with others, and that was crucial for the development of his proficiency in English. This enabled him to learn English within a very short time. As captain of the team, he is charged with the role of motivating the squad, and he has come to be excellent at being the captain. He has been inspired by visiting Cambodia and witnessing how the living conditions are similar to those of his home country, Brazil. He considers football coaching, volleyball coaching, volleyball officiating, and math tutoring to be his choice of significant activities outside school. The book The world Changing Power of Alternative Energy by Jeremy Shere, which demonstrates how the future will rely on renewable energy, inspires him. The book presents him with a clear pathway and desire to pursue a future geared towards sustainable energy production.

Gustavo takes pride in his mathematics HL exploration in which he investigated the probabilities and mathematical predictions in penalty shootouts in association football. He overcame various challenges while accomplishing this academic piece and achieved results by conducting thorough research. The completed his first draft during the summer of year 12 and 13. Despite being advised to change thetopic, he chose to look at the same topic froma different perspective. He looked at penalties from a statistics and probability point of view, and the teacher finally admitted that he did excellent work. Gustavo is a type of learner who enjoys a challenge, and his motivation demonstrates this towards exercises and questions that involve critical thinking and combination of different techniques. He has learned to be a leader throughsports, but he can translate this to projects and other group tasks. His coach can testify about the high level of effort and hard work that Gustavo invested in the team. He attends every training session and never quits a task even when things do not seem to go the right way. Being an international student, he has interacted with different cultures and points of view. Therefore, this makes learning easier for this since he can easily put different things to perspective. His leadership skills enable him to recognize how each team member can be led.

Upon completion of university education in Computer Science, he intends on furthering his education with masters in Engineering. He will focus on sustainable energy production. He considers computing technology to be the future as people increase reliance on such things in their daily activities. He intends to use his education experience to come up with new ways of producing energy in sustainable ways.

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