Life Changing Event Essay Sample

Published: 2018-02-06
Life Changing Event Essay Sample
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Met my soulmate

Registration process for a freshman can be very hectic especially clearing with the finance department. While contemplating clearing financial statements the following day during my registration, I met Tony walking away from the finance office. He had an unusual bright face as opposed to most students registering on the same day. I decided to ask him if he was successful with the process. Tony gave me the motivation and encouragement to clear my registration by guiding me through the procedure. He gave a hint on how to go about some procedures via online means. I discovered that were both registering for the same course. Tony was delighted to guide me through the remaining stages to the end. Since we had a good acquaintance moment, we decided to get the same apartment and cost share the rent. It was a little challenging at first due to our different genders but we soon got used to our friendship. This is how I met not only my best friend but my soul mate and eventually got married.

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Academic writing job

I was always a financially challenged man from my rural village. Living was a perpetual struggle because I could hardly make ends meet. That was until I decided to venture into academic writing. My friend gave me the-the idea after he saw me struggling to find a job. In that field, I could apply my writing skills and passion for writing to make money. Before I started writing, I would make less than three dollars a day. This income was hardly sufficient to meet my ever growing financial needs. In academic writing, I stipulated that I would earn an average of ten dollars a day that was more than thrice what I used to make. I found that I could easily make twenty dollars every day. This revenue enabled me to live comfortably and save the surplus income. I now moved to a bigger house to comfortably accommodate my growing family. I also sent more money to my struggling mother to help her foot the bills. Academic writing gave me a sense of purpose and responsibility. It made me a more disciplined person because now I live by a schedule and love for my work. I now live in relative comfort and no longer fear not being able to meet my financial responsibility.

When friends let you down

The different perspectives of which life is viewed from are shaped by a combination of life experiences and surprising turn of events. Life experiences, both negative and positive, have a tremendous influence on how individuals take into account the purpose of living. The narration herein is about a surprising turn of events that completely changed my life. In my first year in campus, I was that anti-social geek who was always alone and had no time for friends and parties. Then I met Anne, a middle-aged lady who was charming and she completely transformed me to a party girl. I moved out and went to live with her. I shared with her all my secrets and she also shared hers. Campus days were over and we parted ways but we still kept contacts. I got married to the most charming man in the world and had two pretty kids. Then one day I found a lodging receipt on my husband`s drawer. I suspected that he was cheating on me. So I followed him up one weekend and surprising enough, I caught him red handed making love to Anne. I stood there bewildered and could not believe that my best friend tore my marriage apart.

What is it like to be a millionaire

That Saturday morning, there was no sign of sunshine, the clouds, all dull seemed to spell a day of shiver and probably, showers. My sisters and I could only look through the glass of our bedroom windows because the chillness on the outside was evident from the mistiness. So, we had lots of chatters in our room everyone curdling her blanket, we laughed out loud. At around 10 in the morning we moved to the dining area following the smell of my mother’s roasted coffee. We had to get a sip of it. Moreover, it would help kick out the cold. At that moment, my father’s phone rang and he went upstairs to take the call. He then came down sad and we all got nervous. My mother asked, “who was that? What did he say to make you change your mood?” he did not say a thing he just moved to the sitting area and lay on the sofa. You could see that he was in deep thought…, which made all of us panic even more. We all abandoned our tea cups and followed him each of us urging him to speak out, but he did not even mumble. I even remember, being the eldest, shedding tears because I thought something was wrong with my father. “Could that have been a doctor with bad news?” –is all I could think. He then arose from the sofa walked outside despite the cold, we all followed behind, then, we saw him look up to the sky. From a far, what sounded like a helicopter sound could be heard. We each were giving him stares to see whether this made him happy or sad. Then it approached, a helicopter from the top phone service provider in the country, and below it, a flag swayed, with the writings, “Our Ten Million Dollar Winner”. It’s then we all jumped up and realized that dad had played a trick on us—and more importantly, we were rich! We no longer minded the rain showers or the cold. In fact, we were sweating from the excitement. On landing the company CEO of Airtel, Mr. Hagraves, with a camera crew behind, handed dad a huge plastic check of ten million dollars. The neighbors had already gathered around, and we were all being interviewed. We narrated how this was so unexpected. Later, we learnt that dad had been informed a day earlier about his win, and he only received the phone call to confirm that he was in in the house. That was undoubtedly, a good turn of events.

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