The Health Informatics and Patient Safety. Essay Example

Published: 2023-09-27
The Health Informatics and Patient Safety. Essay Example
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The Health Informatics and Patient Safety assignment has been insightful in broadening my understanding of the connection between technological improvement and human health. The assignment focused on the quality of care for the patients and the role that technology plays in achieving this care. Analyzing the scholarly sources, patients’ safety and the effectiveness with which clinicians achieve this was central and outstanding. Completing the assignment primarily through the word cloud gave me an in-depth examination and understanding of the keywords relating to the topic. Additionally, understanding the color codes and shapes that apply in the field of human health and medicine is what I consider outstanding in the assignment. Through the task, I was able to present critical information in colors that communicate entirely.

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The Challenging Environments in the Assignment

There are several aspects of the task that I found challenging despite the successful completion of the assignment. Firstly, scrutinizing the scholarly articles and identify the most suitable was challenging as there were numerous sources with different and, to some extent opposing views. Secondly, the actual creation of the word cloud was a bit challenging. In this creation, the challenging environment was on how to strategically identify and apply the color codes that match the topic. The color green was perfect for portraying good health, while red was vital in communicating danger in a person’s health. Matching these colors with the exact words from the keywords was somewhat challenging despite being the best websites for creating a word cloud. It was not possible to actually select the colors and embed that on independent words. All the color changes that I made applied to different words randomly. Thirdly, identifying the most appropriate keywords was somehow challenging during the initial analysis. Many words would communicate the ultimate message. The limitations on the number of words that made it to the word cloud present a challenge in communication the essential information. Finally, obtaining the most suitable theme and shape for the word cloud was challenging. Numerous shapes presented in the word cloud would work in the medical and clinical fields effectively. Therefore, Identifying the most suitable themes and shapes to present the information was difficult.

Analyzing and Evaluating Scholarly Articles Derived from the Assignment

The assignment, especially in the second part, focused on critical analysis and identification of the keywords. The keywords and specific areas within the texts of the scholarly sources are crucial in enhancing personal focus. Identifying these keywords drew me closer to the articles and scholarly sources and made me pay attention to the essential information in the content. Therefore, the assignment enhanced my examination skills on the scholarly sources to determine the most appropriate ones, not only in this assignment but also on other future tasks.

A Review of the Word Cloud

The enlarged words are a representation of the entire content presented in the articles. In other words, the enlarged terms from the word cloud acted like a summary of the articles. A person can get critical information on the topic just by reviewing the content of the word cloud. The review of the word cloud reveals the key and most vital information that makes readers reflect on the content presented in the sections.

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