The Guiding Principles of Toyota Inc. Paper Example

Published: 2023-07-09
The Guiding Principles of Toyota Inc. Paper Example
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1. The guiding principles of Toyota Inc. include;

  • Respect for the customs and culture of every nation contributes to social and economic development and enhances corporate activities in every region.
  • Regard every community language and undertake equal or fair treatment to individuals in every part of the world/
  • Dedicate the company to disseminating safe and clean products with good quality in all engagements.
  • The entity creates and develops outstanding products through advanced technology to fulfill customers' needs worldwide.
  • Encourage different cultures in the organization to enhance teamwork and creativity between the management and employees.
  • The entity prefers to work with research partners who create a stable long-term relationship for mutual benefit.

The total quality of Toyota Company focuses on fundamental principles that guide their operation. The operation focus on the participation of the employees, stakeholders, and the continuous learning process in the organization. The entity usually creates a plan to implement social responsibility, thus uniting it to the society to which it is established. Moreover, the fundamental principles focus on the global mission of the entity, where teamwork and staff participation is emphasized in the company objectives.

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The company has established criteria to meet total quality principles where it set excellent improvement goals, consistent standards, and communication channels which appeal to its expansion. The total quality control of Toyota is well defined, and it does not seek fault from the employees; instead, the management helps the staff to come up with a solution to the problem. In reality, the company has a good strategy of establishing income-generating activities through various processes, thus enhancing the quality control of the entity. The customer's and stakeholders' interests are well taken care of by the management. These are done by measuring the results, rewarding the best teams in the organization, and improving the quality process. For these reasons, change is inevitable in the company, starting from the main office in japan to franchising entities throughout the world.

Furthermore, the production system of the company has a standard measure which are used to assess the situation, analyze the cause and effects of every plan, and improving the whole process. This organizational infrastructure is enhanced through an established production system with all the tools intact. Therefore, the fundamental principles of the organization, which is management techniques, Team Corporation, and necessary improvement skills needed by the organization.

2. The SSM health care applies the Toyota philosophy in various ways which may include.

As one of the non-manufacturing organizations, SSM health care learned some basic organizational strategies from Toyota ltd. The customer focus is one of the driving force behind the entity success, and it has continuous improvement methods which enhance the organization progress. Besides, the use of kaizen ensures that the company has best practices that propel its success in the health care industry. Also, it ensures that all the organizational processes are followed as per the specifications of the predefined goals and objectives.

The use of new approaches and practices ensures that there is a continuous quality output in the organization. How they treat their workers to determine the output and improvement in the organization. All these are adopted from the Toyota philosophy of treating the employees as part of the organization and ensuring that all are done according to the directives. These workers are regarded as associates in the production process, where they always seek improvement suggestions from their superiors in the company. Moreover, they create a learning organization where each member can learn from another, thus improving the superiority of the product. The government ought to borrow the company practices like customers friendly treatment philosophy to ensure that the service delivery in every sector is efficient and useful to the core.

3. Describe the scope of quality efforts in this organization.

Since the main objectives of the organization are ensuring that the products are of good quality and service delivery is efficient, the SSM health care and Toyota have ensured that they meet the threshold. These objectives usually translate to the vision of the company, which is achieved through creating a link between the company and the customers. In this case, the link is created through good customer relations, effective production process, and management relation with the employees, and quality control. Observing these principles ensures that there are effective practices which promote the establishment of the company objectives. These objectives are established through customer-centric culture in the organization.

The effort to provide a clear vision where every member corporate to achieve the set objective in attaining the standard quality. In this case, the organizations in question strive at achieving the desired objectives through creating criteria which make things possible for all the staff and the shareholders. The predetermine quality assurance criteria make it efficient and achievable for the entity to create quality services and product output through a leadership approach. In these businesses, the way employees are handling can motivate one to work hard to achieve the set objective and be proud of the final output of the organization. There is a continuous improvement in the system, which ensures that all the decision-making processes are managed with a a clear understanding of the company objectives. For this reason, there is a quality output which is attained through customer focus, where all the management process is viable.

4. Role of the quality assurance department

The quality assurance department plays a crucial role in every organization. Its presence ensures that there is a planning, monitoring, and control of quality. In Shiny hill farms, the quality assurance department ensures that all the operations are within the specifications assigned to them to customer's threshold. Even though quality assurance depends on the industry, it remains to be the underlying factor governing the production system in every organization. The quality assurance in Shiny Hill monitors all the operations of the organization ranging from the killing of hogs to inspecting the incoming animals. These are done to ensure that the animals being slaughtered in the farm meets the criteria weight and standard operation quality of the meat. Also, the department is obligated to check the weights of the products to ensure that the specifications are met by the firm (Kerdpitak & Boonrattanakittibhumi, 2020).

The quality assurance department at the facility ensures that processes and procedures used in delivering the services are systematically monitored. These enable the farm to be socially responsible for its products and keep the standard specified by the authority in charge. Through the audit and speculations of the problems in the organization, the entity can determine the extent to which the quality is met or what to be improved in the organization. Besides, it helps the company to build its reputation in the industry while keeping the sales unit high each financial year. The core of business success is the reputation built by the quality, and every entity should always strive to keep its products safe and effective. By doing so, the entity can venture in different market structure, thus attracting more sales and profit margin.

Additionally, the role played by the department promotes the quality assurance concept. The team on the farm help in building a compelling product line in which all the communication channels created. The non-conformity of the employees is evaluated by the quality assurance team, thus ensuring that all the staff is made responsible for the outcome. Also, training the employees on the best procedures and practices role is taken by the department to ensure that all the activities and teamwork conform to the intended purpose. In case there are quality issues that cannot be tolerated by the quality assurance department, they have the authority to stop the operation until all the prescribed requirements are met. At this point, the farm has to conform with the directives given by the department to ensure that they do not contaminate the products to the extent that they become poisonous to consumers. Meat is a susceptible product, and it should be handled with care, and that is the reason for putting up strict regulation on its production.

5. What suggestions do you have for improving Shiny Hill Farm's quality effort?

Since the firm deals with susceptible products, care should always be taken to ensure that all the product is of good quality. However, how can they achieve that without creating doubts on their end products without being inspected by the quality assurance department every time? That is not easy, but some measures have to be taken by the facility to ensure that some of the errors do not repeat themselves on the premises. In this case, the production system should be reestablished with updated machinery which ensure that all the products processed in the system are not contaminated. Besides, it is the pieces of machinery used that can create difficulty in product quality delivery. That should be corrected in the initial stages of production to create an efficient and effective production system.

Ultimately, I will suggest that the Shinny hill farm should have a sufficient customer focus, leadership skills, and continuous improvement in the production line and evidence-based decision-making criteria. When the organization focuses customer satisfaction, all the products will be processed with aid to meet the customer's satisfaction. These can always be done by creating a leadership system in each department which does not dictate the workers but directs them on the best way to reach the expectations of the clients. By doing so, there will be no regular inspection of the products produced by the entity. The entity will be able to build trust with the authority that all its products are of good quality, and there will be no need for testing them regularly (Ganbold et al., 2017).

Moreover, the quality of the products can be improved through the continuous engagement of shareholders, customers, and employees. The shareholders will help in making the necessary adjustment, like pumping more funds into the production Customer's views will help the organization to come up with the best product line that satisfies their needs. Besides, the employee's commitment makes the work complete as they will be able to perform the required tasks.


Ganbold, O., Phan, A., & Matsui, Y. (2017). Organizational culture and supply chain integration: Empirical study on Japanese manufacturers. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2017(1), 17580.

Kerdpitak, C., & Boonrattanakittibhumi, C. (2020). Impact of hr-linked quality assurance system on operational proficiency. Journal of Security and Sustainability Issues, 9(J), 264-280.

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