Paper Example. Great Leaders No One Has Heard of

Published: 2023-04-19
Paper Example. Great Leaders No One Has Heard of
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Being a great leader is not always a guarantee that will be a famous leader. In most cases, people tend to use the example of renowned leaders who have made a significant contribution to other people's lives. However, I am of the idea that it is not a must for one to change the world. It would be beneficial if one impacts the world in a positive way, but it is not a necessity for one to be considered as significant. Nick Johnson is probably one of the greatest leaders that no one has heard of.

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Nick Johnson is the leading coach of soccer at Earlham College, which holds a significant amount of learners. This college is noticeable for its participation in its athletic programs. This aspect means that the coach has managed to hone the student's skills in the best way possible through adequate training. Great leaders tend to outstanding in their performance and work all the way up to their success. Johnson has been recognized and given several awards as a result of the impeccable performance, during his period of service at Earlham College. The student's performance in football can be termed as abysmal as they had only won a small percentage of their games. In spite of all these hurdles, Johnson was named the coach of the year by Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference (HCAC).

HCAC recognized Johnson's commitment to his career and his personal life. He had been appointed to boost the team's dismal performance, and he accepted even when he knew that winning the games would be an uphill task. Additionally, his work was sick, and he had to raise his two sons while coaching the students. When he was given a chance to rebuild the Earlham football team, his wife encouraged him to follow the leadership call and impact the life of the young men. Despite the various failures by Earlham College's football team, Johnson was still proud of the members and stood up for them. He strived to see improvements and empower each of the members to have a winning attitude. Johnston demonstrates leadership through compassion and influence.

I believe that I have a similar leadership style to that of Nick Johnson. From my standpoint, compassionate leadership is effective as it involves shifting from the self-perspective and focusing on the needs of other people. The authenticity of a leader is boosted when they concerned about the welfare of their team members (Foster, 2017). As in this case, Johnson was concerned about improving the lives of the team members even when they had showcased several instances of constant failure in their matches. Great leadership often involves understanding the team-members and empathize with their team members hence creating inspiration for the greater good.

Compassionate leadership nurtures innovation and improvement in other people's lives. Investing time and resources into other individuals allows leaders to set the way to success, even when the desired results may not have been reached at the moment (Martin & Heineberg, 2017). Compassion allows leaders to support their team members to work towards growth and clearing of hurdles that hinder the realization of the team's goals. I will integrate compassion in my leadership as it will allow me to influence others and increase their sense of hope. Just like Johnson, I aspire to guide and appreciate my team members so that they can work for the better good, and that is what I believe makes up great leadership.


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