Free Essay on Why The Government Needs to Stop Trying to Regulate What Students Eat at School

Published: 2019-09-23
Free Essay on Why The Government Needs to Stop Trying to Regulate What Students Eat at School
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The United States Constitution, which acts as the major guideline from which policies are made does not mandate the government to have any influence over the food eaten at school. Most students in the United States are regularly protesting lunch menus prescribed by the federal government.

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Brian Vanyo, the author of the American Ideology: Taking back our country with the philosophy of our founding fathers' quotes Recently, students have begun protesting changes in school lunch programs. At the root of the problem is new policy enacted by the federal government. The federal government began influencing the school lunch program during the 1930s, clearly overstepping its constitutional boundaries. Because the federal government has no constitutional role in school lunches, students should continue to protest these policies.

Argumentatively, the food menus regulations were meant to improve the nutritional standards but contrary left students complaining that they are starved. There are many cons and disadvantages of the government being involved in regulating what the student eat. This essay is going to point out some of the issues. The chief aim why the federal government established school meal programs was to ensure that the students needs are looked into, especially when it comes to their dieting. However, it should be with the approval of the parents whose children are affected directed by the policies and not the Congress or even the first lady, and what is more, it is the parents who are more likely to know what their children need.

There were earlier meal standards that came into effect like two years ago. They were under the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. The problem with this act is that it completely ignored what the parents wanted and instead choose to follow what the federal government wanted. The School Nutrition Association, which has a membership of over 50,000 people who are all school nutrition experts, decided to send a message to Michelle Obama. In that letter, they categorically stated that disappointment regarding your July 22nd comments disparaging school nutrition professionals.

The federal government wants to take control of what is to eaten on the assumption that parents cannot or have failed to make proper dietary choices which have led to increasing in overweight children and obese levels. This is an absurd assumption, yes we all agree that parents cannot know everything their children consume but forcing something on their throats is equally more absurd.

Even the students themselves, who are supposed to be the recipient and beneficiaries of the program, have come up in arms against the whole idea.

According to reports by GAO, some students actually held protests and launched a three-week boycott against school lunches. Their aggravation was also in social media where there were a trending ironic hashtag #ThanksMichelle

It is surprising to note that the federal government and Michelle have all decided not to address these complaints.

The government should instead sensitize people on the advantages of eating a healthy meal, one with cereals, whole grain meals, and vegetables. Even if it decides to cut down on the food that students take, people are still going to eat more food and calories. What would be the point of reducing the food budget on the food being consumed by students and yet people are still going to consume more on their own. There is also this issue of students who are involved in games, athletes, and sports. It is good to encourage the consumption of vegetables and whole grains and fruits but these students use lots of energy in their daily practice, they therefore need carbohydrates for energy building and proteins for bodybuilding. A little snacking would give that required energy.

Most kids in elementary schools throw away food which they are given in school. They prefer food which they choose for themselves. Introducing a diet that is full of vegetables and cereals will lead to more wastage as most of the students will throw away these meals.

A lot of food is thus being wasted in the process. It does not make sense to make impose upon students what they should eat if they dont like it in the first place. Another issue that has been brought forth is that the food being served is plainly nasty and not sweet at all. Only a little is eaten and most of it is thrown away. The students come to school not only to study but also to eat meals which they enjoy. It, therefore, doesnt make sense when they dont enjoy their meals at all. This can affect their performance adversely.

Another issue that will arise is that these changes will increase school district budgets by over 100,000 dollars. This has not been factored in yet. The federal state assumes that new rules and guidelines which advocate for healthier meals will automatically turn the students into more fit kids. This is not the case. The proposed meals are less tastier and consequently will be ignored. This will lead to wastage of food and the resources used to acquire the fruits and vegetables.

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