Historical Essay Example: The Good 60s

Published: 2017-08-14
Historical Essay Example: The Good 60s
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The good 60s as a turning point in the history of America as many changes and revolution in the way of doing things came into play in this era. Various companies and organization succeeded and built their names and became famous almost all over the world because of the competence they displayed in making of these products. Fresh from war this decade was an informative one where the generation at this period identified the great contributions of those that came before them to made towards the United States (Elliott, Stuart).

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The goods 60s in American history is a decade that is one that changed the nation ("American History: The 1960S, A Decade That Changed A Nation"). Democracy was the driving force that led to elections in the early 6os with people electing individuals who held their hopes and those of the nation high. The death of Kennedy was a turning point in America politics with the young people at that time facing a setback in the occurrences that happened in this period. However, within not the time they were at their feet and in demand for responsible leaders especially regarding decisions that involve conflicts happening around the world("American Social Policy In The 1960'S And 1970'S - Social Welfare History Project"). Furthermore, cultural aspects such music evolved from only protest music to pop and rock music that sounded more revolutionary and marketable across America. Various groups from women to blacks fought for their rights and the need for equal treatment based on their gender and race.

Americans benefited a lot from the impacts of the good 60s; many people got jobs that paid well and the lives that are satisfying and safe. Activism proved to be a good thing that led to the modern America where everyone is heard, and their grievances addressed. These actions made America what it is today a dream country for many across the world (Pearson).


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