Music Short Report, Free Paper Sample

Published: 2022-03-03
Music Short Report, Free Paper Sample
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Music is magic. It instantly transports us in emotion and time. It educates and entertains. Music terminology and vocabulary helps in understanding the structure and composition of music. It also helps in determining and understanding musical concepts such as tempo, melody, rhythm, harmony, dynamics and form. This paper focuses on the music collection by Rick Springfield.

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Select a recording of your choice from your own listening collection.

Rock of life is a fascinating music collection authored by Rick Springfield. It is a successful single and one of my favorite listening collections. The song depicts an exciting rhythm and pitch. It contains a beautiful succession of pitches. It also includes an appropriate sequence of tones making the melody one of the best.

Describe/analyze your recording/video using all of the vocabulary words listed above. Be specific! Use a term so that it correctly describes exactly what you are hearing

The music uses a guitar to produce a fantastic melody (John et al., 27). Rick Springfield plays the guitar and sings the entire song as evidenced in the YouTube video. The song also contains a linear succession of tones that appears as a single entity. The melody also consists of more musical phrases repeated throughout the composition. The song contains a beautiful melody. Harmony of the music highlights the progression, structure, and relation of the musical chords. It exhibits a simultaneous notes combination in the chord. According to John et al., 2017, harmony also produces a sound mix that is pleasing to the ear. Its musical lines compliment the melody harmonically. The harmony of the song also incorporates instrumental tones in a continuous and structured manner. It involves the use of a guitar to produce the best harmony. It is pleasing and evokes the listener's feelings. It contains a medium slow tempo that makes it soothing and fascinating. The tempo of the song allows the listeners to acquire the educative and love elements of the song keenly. The rhythm of the song is simple and allows listeners to determine all the educative messages of the song. The rhythm contains great patterns that make it simple and creates the right feeling among the listeners. It also includes steady chugging sound that provides a simple rhythm pattern. It also employs stable eighth-note pattern that leads to the creation of simple rhythm and makes the song interesting (John et al., 38). It exhibits variations in the loudness between the phrases and the notes. The dynamics of the song sustain interest and variety in musical performance and communicate a soothing emotional feeling. The guitar produces cool sound with proper articulation of the song content. The volume grows throughout the music making it exciting and beautiful.

Embed an mp3 or You Tube video of your selection so that I can understand what you described.

The music collection is available on YouTube. Retrieved from: terminologies such as melody, rhythm, harmony, tempo, melody, dynamics and form help in attracting the attention of the audience. They also assist in conveying the massage to the audience as depicted in the Rock of Life Song by Rick Springfield.

Work Cited

John, Elton, et al. Diamonds. Universal Music Operations, 2017.

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