Free Essay on the Employees and Their Safety

Published: 2019-10-24
Free Essay on the Employees and Their Safety
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There is a situation that the company should allow the employees to own guns for their safety. A situation where an employee overworks and have to go back home during the night might lure him to carry a gun. Bringing the gun to the parking lot and the workplace can also be reasonably provided the person see fit that he or she might use it. In a situation where a UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh gives his opinion on the matter where he claims that it is part of the general movement to allow people to have guns at home and public places. If someone wanted a gun in a private place, it would be out of an agreement between the private owner and that person.

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The amendments made by the USA government did not make all of the gun control to be unconstitutional, and it, therefore, did not give rights for someone to carry their weapons into someone else property against their wishes since that persons right would be violated. The issue remains that if that person takes the gun and leaves it in the parking lot, then he or she would be able to use it in the public. It is the responsibilities of companies to make sure that their employees feel safe and that they are well protected in their place of work. If the employee does not feel so, it is their moral right to take precaution and put his safety first even if it means carrying a gun to the workplace.

In a situation whereby there was reported five hundred workplace homicide per year, it would not be morally right to request the employees to be without guns as this might keep them in fear and lower the production level. A feeling of being secure motivates the actions and the consequences of choice. 1.5 million Employees were assaulted at work at one point indicates that people should have morally right to own guns if they dont feel secure.

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